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Body fat percent formulas, the most accurate?

I have some software which allows you to put in skinfold measurements and apply different formulas to work out body fat percentage, these include:

Parillo 9 Site
Jackson & Pollock 3 Site
Jackson & Pollock 4 Site
Behnke Wilmore 1 site

Is any of these more accurate than the other, or even are there any other formula not included here that are deemed generally more accurate?

From a personal point of view the 9 and 1 site seem quite a bit off from what the mirror tells me, the Jackson & Pollock seem more reliable, but I would love to here if you guys have any info on this.



If you haven’t yet, read this two part body comp article from t-mag:

Part I:

Part II:

Thanks davo2 very usefull. The article author, Jason Norcross, uses the J&P 3 site formula so I’ll stick with that I suppose.