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Body Fat Measurement

Many of you post up body fat percentages. How do you measure these?

I have seen some digital fat calipers - anyone use these?


I have used digital calipers and bioelectric impedence devices.

Calipers must be measured by someone else be accurate readings.

Cool. What did you think of them? Any good?

Anyone else have any thoughs?


I think it really depends what you are getting the measurement for. Are you just curious or are you looking to lose and track fat loss?

There’s room for error in all measuremants, so if you are looking to get measured just to know your body fat, then get measured different ways by different people. Then just pretty make take the average.

If you want to lose fat and track your progress you could get your skin folds measured by one person, and regularly go back to that same person. That way, you are getting a consistent measurement by the same person. So, even if the first measurement was off, you will get a consistent measurement that will show progress. If you go to a different person, you may find a 3-4 percentage difference in same day measurements. Imagine what could happen if you went to different people over a course of time. Who knows what you gained or lost?

Also use your own tape measurement as a judge. Is your waist getting smaller? Are other body parts staying the same or growing(or at least not losing too much)? Use your clothes and how they fit as a judge, too.

Finally, I think digital calipers were reviewed in the T-Jack Forums. Go check out what they had to say.

Hope this helps,

Look up accumeasure on the internet. You can get one for ten or twelve bucks and measure bodyfat yourself. They also got a digital one.