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Body Fat % Loss is Mostly Diet, Right?


Losing fat % is mostly about great diet with weight training right?

My bro and i have come to a conclusion that i should start the westside for skinny bastards program by defranco.

During this program, if i eat correct, 80% calories of 1.6 x my BMR ( moderate days ) then il get stronger and lose fat % right?



GO easy on him.


What are your stats right now?
weight, height, and main lifts


well i just finished 6 weeks of real fast fat loss by Waterbury.

im 15 turning 16 this december. 188-192 lbs at most times now. last time i checked 6'1 with shoes on.

main lifts? my max on squats is around 250 lbs, but ive been just doing real fast fat loss since i came back from vacation and fattend up. im around 16-18% body fat now.

thanx alot


Stop eating junk and your bodyfat will go down. I know it sounds stupidly simple and it possibly cant be this easy but it really is. If you don't know what foods are good for you, reading around the site for more than 20 seconds. All you damn kids have ADD.


ive actually read alot on this site already and unerstand the concept.

i was just asking a genral question if what i was thinking was correct. clearly i know less junkfood = fat loss cus i just lost 18 pds in the last 6 weeks.


Most kids your age will not take this advice, but by far your best bet, both short term and long term, is to just focus on the following:

In the gym:

-Cultivating lifting technique on a few big lifts: squat, deadlift, bench, military, pullups, rows, curls...probably all you need plus some ab work, and some modest assistance work where you feel like you need it.

-Focusing on load progression over time. You must add weight to the bar.

-Not doing too much too fast. 3-4 days a week, focusing on big lifts, keeping your volume under control, and keeping it basic.

In the kitchen:

-Develop sound eating habits by eating whole foods. Beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, berries, nuts. That should be most of your diet. Eat as much of these foods as you want/can. Don't eat shit and you should lean out if you are working hard in the gym.

-Focus on getting a good meal in shortly after you wake up, and being fed before/after training (with something you can stomache). The rest is much less important.

Just do this. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.


your skinny, and a beginner, so if you just tried to eat to gain weight, but cut out the junk food you will gain muscle and lean out a bit as well. your definitely not going to get stronger if your eating a caloric deficit.


Would you mind posting a picture of yourself?
It's just that beginners sometimes emphasize weight loss a bit too much when they should be building their strength up. Besides it's good to take pictures to keep track of your progress.

What you said in your first post is right. For nutrition I see you are using the carb cycling approach, which is good.

Just be sure not to go overboard with the fat loss. At 15 you are in a very good period to gain lots of muscle but for that you need food obviously. So going in a caloric deficit is a bit counter productive for that.
Don't wait until you are ripped to start eating more.

Do you have a target weight/body fat/appearance for your fat loss?


It's good that you are making progress. If you are losing fat so well, than why are you trying to complicate it?


I want to be around 10% bf or less, right now im about 16-18% i believe.

the only reason for this is because idk it might sound stupid but i was really fat a couple years ago and still was really fat up to like 6-8 months ago and i worked my ass off to where iam right now. im a basketball player and when you were once really fat, ur mind changes idk if it makes sense.

but all i wanted to ask was can i get stronger and cut fat % by eating 80% of 1.6x my BMR which was in the carb cycling thread i read and doing the skinny bastard program


Sounds like you have enough background knowledge to hit the ground running. Give your plan a go. If you are not losing weight at first, then cut the calories some more. But really you should be able to tell if you are:

A) working hard enough,
B) eating clean,
C) cutting enough calories,
D) and of course not over-doing A, B, and C.


substitute your junk food calories with olive oil calories man, its working for me I think.


hulk, i dont eat junk food lol, i stoped about 6 months ago.

and tiger ye, but im just wondering, just because im not losing weight doesnt mean im not losing fat right? I mean this skinny bastard is supposed to make you stronger and muscle weighs more than fat. so i should just be taking before n after photos like every couple weeks and then go back to theories and plans right?

also, ive searched and searched, but i cant find a sample very clean diet plan for sum1 trying to cut and gain muscle which is what im doing. any help?


huh? wth? where did my last post go? it says i was the last 1 to post


Yes, don't try to lose weight. Take some measurements and photos. Go for a body comp change. At 15, I can't imagine you're done growing yet either.


im not trying to lose weight, just body % and gain muscle.

so what i said above as cool?

and does anyone have a sample cutting diet plan? plss


and, ffs dude, stop leeching, research on your own and make your own diet plan, you will learn a lot more and make an a lot more effective diet/routine if you don't rely on us.

... Hahaha, I swear you go to my school lol
You seem like a person I recognize

and tbh, your most likely 20%-30% BF, because, I have a 4 pack and, I'm absuloutely positive I'm 15% BF lol...

and pffft, whoever said anything about body comps... maybe you should know his strength first, because it seems like he's not even interested in strength but rather aesthetics...

and, I really doubt they would have bodybuilding shows for 15 year olds... that's just too young, even 16-17 is unreasonable... plus I've never heard of that ever, let alone in my region in Toronto lol...

Rest up and recover, train hard, eat lots (but moderately in your case), and you'll gain muscle.


Not everyone stores fat in the same places genius.


_> lmfao, way to jump to conclusions buddy

I never implied that is how he should assess his bodyfat, that is how I assess my OWN bodyfat... and, plus, it's quite common for males to store fat there, so, unless he can describe him us bodyshape, that method of assessment would be effective lol.