body fat loss/abs

i am 20 years old and have 20% bf, and weigh 205 pound, my body is very cut except for my abs, how do i cut down body fat, and reveal my abs? i eat 8 times per day, low-no fat, 4 protein shakes per day, and cycling mag10 right now with creatine. i do not drink so my fat has not and will not be coming from that, if you could help me out with excersies and some diet tips, it would be great, thanks

Some people are genentically predisposed to carry more of their BF around the midsection. I am one of those people. There’s another thread here on the forum that is specifically about cutting down the fat on the ab region. Check it out.

What it boils down to is: diet and aerobic work - or even increased anaerobic work. If you are not doing any of that now, might be good to start if your goal is to cut down you BF%.

Do you watch your carb intake? I’ve found a spot on this web-site called the diet manifesto and it had some good diets in there. Also, I have experienced, and I’ve heard the same from others, a gain in water weight from creatine usage and in appeared to have an affect on my abdominal area.

You need to have fat in your diet!! If you want to keep your fat level downs, at least get the essential fats. There are tons of articles about this to get more info on. Basically, the best sources of fat, flax oil & fish (salmon, tuna, etc). Also, you can change your diet for a few weeks with the T-dawg diet; a lot of good results from that. Or, u need to change your workout which seems to me you’ve hit a plateau. Search through the sight for other workouts. There’s one I’m trying out, Meltdown. Check it out. Later.

For you to say your cut at 20% BF is kinda hard to swallow, but so was my protein shake. You might wanna try to add more solid foods to your diet and not so may shakes. The fiber content will help you pull out water and slow gastric emptying. Make sure your eating good quality carbs because the more cut you want to get, the more discipline you will need.

Not trying to sound like a jerk here but I seriously doubt therest of your body is very cut if you are at 20% bodyfat and 205 lbs.20% of 205 = 41lbs of fat on your body. Now granted some of this coud be intra muscular or elsewhere and not just visible fat but that still leaves a very large chunk of fat to have just on your abs.

Read “Eat Like A Man” (issue# 69)

I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been chaning my weight training routine around and still am having the problem of getting cuts everywhere exempt for my abs/obs. I’m using Mag 10, T2 Pro, and MD6 right now with some Yohimbe.

Have any of you ever noticed that when you start to drop body fat that it feels loose?