Body Fat Increased

Hi Coach T

since last year I started focusing on trying to eat more, i’m ectomorph and reaaally struggle to gain weight and the weight i gain is imperceptible cause im tall. I ran Texas Method with very good results, i tried to eat as much as i could, my breakfast was 1000 kcal, lunch 400 gr of rice and 200 g meat for example…So when i went to the nutritionist last year in september i had 7,7% BF, when i went this year on july i had 13,2% BF (this % are very accurate done with anthropomety, folds…) i was like WTF i had never gone above 8 before.
Now im in week 4 of HSS-100 doing good so far, first split i do. My nutritionist told me that i’m eating too much, he gave me diet of 2,600 kcal and 1,4 grams of protein x Kg. Supplement with ZMA.

Any recommendation is welcomee