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Body Fat In Regards to Diet

I’ve noticed that my body fat is continuing to slowly increase, but I’m unsure as to whether that is due to over eating or possibly under eating.

At 6’ 179 lbs, I’ve been trying to get in ~3200 cals daily of healthy foods. Following a TBT (Total Body Training) 3 days a week, and trying to get my calories in, I noticed that I have made little to no muscle gains.

The increase in BF isn’t drastic by any means, but it is noticeable. Now, could this be from a slow motabolism from not getting enough calories from before, then switching over to taking in a lot more?

I’m tempted to eat more, but I don’t want to if the amount I’m eating already is too much.

You’re not getting fat because of a caloric deficit.

Why don’t you think you’re making muscle gains? Are you making progress with your lifts?

are yo doing cardio?

[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
You’re not getting fat because of a caloric deficit.[/quote]

Well, I was thinking that maybe I was losing muscle while slightly gaining BF, therefore my scale weight would stay the same.

[quote]Digity wrote:
Why don’t you think you’re making muscle gains? Are you making progress with your lifts?[/quote]

Yes, but they are coming VERY slowly (i.e. Bench staying almost the same, maybe 1 or 2 more reps with my max weight for example)

[quote]Wildman90 wrote:
are yo doing cardio?[/quote]

Not very much. I do a dynamic stretching routine, which involves shorts 10 yard sprints after each 10 yard stretch in the b-ball gym or on the field.

I was thinking that maybe I should start doing moer HIIT/sprints on my off days (tues/thurs/sat or sun.

If you are doing 2 more reps (total 3 reps) with your max weight, then that isn’t your max weight, knowwhatimean?

Read PozzSka. If you’re repping one or two more times, you’re getting stronger.

Try dropping back to your original rep number and add a small amount of weight (2.5-5lb). If you can crank it out…voila, you have a new max. That means you’re stronger.

Ah. Well then yes, I have been getting stronger :stuck_out_tongue:

But there hasn’t been an increase in size. Infact, I was 174-174 lbs. when I started back up in September, and I have only gone up maybe 4 pounds.

Well it looks like you haev alot of calories going in; so there is no deficit there.

Put all your daily foods in an excel spreadsheet and tabulate your calories/protein/fats/carbs…its a great way to see what you have and it will be easier to help you cut back if you need to.

Sounds like your eating too much; but I dont know of what.

Up your activity level. Rest less btwn sets, do more sets, more cardio, more sex…something yaknow?

Yeah, B rocK is right. If you’ve been on the same or similar regimen since September…your muscles won’t grow much more to adapt.

When’s the last time you changed your routine?