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Body Fat Help!


Okay, i'm a new member, lifted alot when i was a teenager and just getting back into it in the last year. i'm only 5'9" so i swell quick, my weight goes between 210 and 220, arms, back, and chest, shoulders look good but need help in the midsection. having a hard time with dieting, will power. any advice and what supplements to take. also would like soem advice on best legal steroid to take. please reply.


Please read some articles and do some research first. Also, read Vroom's "Beginner's" thread in the Beginner's Forum.

Go do your own research on steroids too! I don't give a damn if you shouldn't be using them or don't have much experience with your training and nutrition (as many will bring this point up when replying to you and your silly question).

There are many articles about steroids on this site as well as a whole forum dedicated to them.

Yeah. Ummmm. Right. Did you get the memo?


i would recommend trying HOT-ROX, as would a million other people on this site. for your abs, try to not get caught up in the high rep crunches kind of training. do harder exercises with weight just like you do other body parts. some examples are hanging leg lifts ( start off just bring your knees up, then try keeping your legs straight ), leg lifts on the ground, and various types of arm extension holds. these are all good, use ankle weights if you need to.

as for your diet, ive already recommended HOT-ROX. im also doing the warrior diet which i think is great and ive heard great things about it from other people, but im not really in the position to recommend it to you as i havent been doing it long enough. ill get back to you on that in a few more weeks


Good luck finding legal anabolic steroids.


You'll have to judge your own bodytype....many people have thick waists, and these same individuals tend to also bulk the abdominal section using weight. For a great physique, you want ripped abs on a small waist, to make everything else proportionately bigger. Worry about the diet.