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Body Fat Distribution


Hey, just a quick question. i have been doing some dieting(sort of, lol) and adding in some conditioning work as of late, and i have lost some weight 240lbs down to 226lbs, and i am getting vascularity in my arms, shoulders, and legs. but i still have a lot of fat around my torso, you can see my first two sets of abds, but i still have a "spare tire" and "man-boobs".

Is the answer that i just need to lose more weight, as that is where i seem to store fat, or is there something i need to address specifically in diet or training that will help this?

the reason i am asking is i really do not want to get much lighter, 215-220 is about where i want to be.

sorry if this is a stupid question.


You'll always have more or less the same bodyfat deposition pattern (meaning, the areas where your fat tends to collect as it were), so I think it's pretty much a matter of getting leaner, and trying to offset your fat deposition patterns with more muscle, etc.

Other than surgery, I think that's the lot you've been dealt, but I wouldn't underestimate the degree to which you can improve things through continued dietary and training efforts...


Sounds alot like me. I lost substantial weight six years ago, and try as a might the love handles just won't disappear. Admittedly the Saturday evening beers are likely at least partially to blame.


haha, my weekend burger and pizza feast does not help either i believe.


whoa! how do i rate a response from Charles Staley? thanks for the input.

i have heard before (i think) that lactic acid tolerance training is better for getting rid of problematic fat stores than traditional cardio?


just a quick note, theres no such thing as "spot-reduction", aka "i wanna lose fat on my stomach". think of your fat as a swimming pool, if you drain some of it, no matter what, its going to level off equally, not just slump in certain areas.


Yes and no!

Yes: It is better

No: problem is, you can only do so much it if...that's when the aerobic stuff enters the picture.


yeah, i am not a newbie enough to not know that, but i vaguely remember hears different stuff about certain types of body fat distribution were related to hormone levels, and specific types of training and diet manipulation could help. i might be mistaken, that is why i am asking over here.


How do you get so much vascularity when your bf is a little higher? I am attempting o get some veins to pop out. Help me out!!!


Charles Poliquin is pretty much spearheading this issue in the non-academic realm, you may try sending him an email and seeing what he can tell you.



I believe it was mentioned in this article about different body fat sites relating to hormones etc



kal-el, i am not sure, but i have always had fairly muscular limbs, even when i am a fat-ass. i think all the conditioning i have been doing lately is the key, check out my log in the over 35 lifter forum.


so sled dragging is only lactic acid for a while, then you reach a threshold to where it becomes cardio?


Google for "The Bodyfat Blueprint"

And Poliquin and Milos had something to say about "Bio-Signature Modulation". You can google for that also.