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Body Fat Calculation/Formula


Does anybody know of an online calculator or even the formula for a three measurement caliper test? The locations the trainer used was 'abdomen, subscapular, and triceps'. Most online calculators that reference the three location measurement use chest, thigh, and abdomen.

Thanks in advance!


the trainer used the calipers on you but couldnt tell you what your BF% was?


Yes, is was an impromptu session at the local high school. She didn't have her computer. Upon further research I think the three locations she measured were based on the NWCA's (wrestling) guidelines. That's the only place I could find on the 'net that used: triceps, abs, subscapular. Of course, I don't have a login to their OPC (calculator site).


oh that sucks. why not call her or go back tomorrow and see her again?


contacted her already.

Either way, I need to lose some of the extra insulation around the middle. As Arnold said, "If it giggles, it's fat."
And fat doesn't contract to lift weight.


If you have the measurements you can use this site:



The measurements that were taken were:
"The locations the trainer used was 'abdomen, subscapular, and triceps'."

The link you provided does not have a calculation for just these three measurements.


I found my answer!


I figured out you were using measurements sites per the NWCA guidelines and discovered they use these locations because the NCAA does. From there I was able to find a link to this book's page that references wrestlers and found the formulas.

The number I came up with correlates with the NAVY method of height, age, waist, and neck measurements (there are online calculators for this - it is what the military uses for estimations).


you in the navy? When I was in they always had to tape me cause I was over the standards by height and weight even though i was no where near fat lol


Not in the service, just found those standards. I have read literature (can't find it now) that said their measurement had the best correlation to underwater weighing - go figure.

I know the height/weight/age standards do not account for lean body mass and many who are 'fit' end up being 'taped.'

Thanks for your service!