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Body Fat % and Muscle Gain

Hey guys/gals. This is my first post on here, so be gentle....

I first started my intense training about a year and a half ago. I got a membership at 24 hour fitness. After half a year of working out, with very small noticeable results, I decided to get a personal trainer. I dedicated myself to working out intensely for about another half a year, in which I went from 300 pounds to 240.

A few months ago, I moved from Utah to California, and to my surprise, most of the 24 hour fitness gyms around my house are completely packed. The only time they are empty is in the early morning.

Taking the easy route, I decided to stop working out because of lame excuses such as the gym is too packed, I have to first settle down, I have to get used to a new job, etc...

Before I knew it, months have passed and I am back to 270. It feels awkward when it finally hits you, you have been slowly but surely putting all that disgusting fat back on, pretty much letting all the hard work and effort go to waste.

2 weeks ago I decided that it is unacceptable to continue my lifestyle. I am a software developer and sit all day long!! For 2 weeks now, I have been waking up at 4 am, and am hitting the gym for about an hour and a half every morning. This gives me ample time to workout properly with enough cardio, but more importantly for me, I completely avoid all the crowds.

I am currently at around 28% body fat (educated guess). I believe the reason I gave up on my working out is because fat loss was not a good enough motivator to keep going to the gym. I was working really hard, but because of the caloric deficit I was maintaining, my strength was slowly dropping. I have always been big and the idea of loosing weight and being skinny and puny looking was not very attractive.

I am thinking about approaching it from a different angle this time. Rather then focus on dieting and loosing weight, I will do the opposite, and focus on gaining muscle.

I am hoping that a year from now, I will have some muscle gains to where I will feel more comfortable to aim for a fat loss goal. The idea behind this is that more muscle = more calories burned, so my metabolism will significantly increase the rate of fat loss.

I realize how noobish/repetitive this question must seem, but is it even healthy for someone with so much BF to start a training program rather then try to loose some fat first? Any and all comments/suggestions are extremely appreciated.

Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Weight: 270
LBM: 195 pounds





Begginers Section best place. Just read alot of the threads, and dont just read it like a story..

understand it, Incorporate it, Learn from it.

Its Vital to understand the working of your body, and understand what is needed to persue YOUR goals and hopefully will help you on your way :slight_smile:


Hi celeronpm,

I agree with omuk. You should definitely read the beginner's threads and learn as much as you can from them.

Also, if you are eating enough to gain weight (even if it is fat), then you are eating enough to gain muscle. Get yourself on a good program (there are dozens on this site alone), work hard, get enough rest and you will change your body.

You also have the advantage of being a newb and not having a hard time gaining weight (I assume you are naturally towards the endomorphic side). Your body can use all that extra energy that it has stored up to help to build your muscles. This means that you could potentially make noticeable changes in both lean mass gains and adipose tissue reduction at the same time.

Good training,



Hey Brother I'm in a very similar situation. It's what led me to find this site.

I'm 6'2" about 260-265 and around 25% BF. I need help as well but the thing that I've found that keeps me going and motivates me is that I'm tired of being a wuss (projected self image). We all have our reasons for not doing it(training).

You've gotta just do it. Stay motivated. Just get in there and frickin push/pull- whatever you gotta do to get yourself to show up to the gym. Once you're there, get there. And give it hell. Everything and everyone that has ever helped me doubt myself gets proven wrong when I'm moving that iron.

Actions reflect attitude and attitude reflects actions.

If you can't get the one right, get the other right and the first will soon follow.

When I first started training I couldn't bench 100lbs. Now I'm at 275 with a goal of 300 by the time my son's born in August.

I couldn't squat 185 when I started, Now I'm well over 300. (not sure how much,because I only have 300lbs total weights, but I'm doing it for reps.) Same for deadlifts....

I'm working on Bent Over Rows cause that's just an exercise I've never worked on...

Bottom line. You can get/be better at whatever you set your mind to do, just get the right mindset, first.

Good Training,


Great post Chuck

I agree and hey just think about it. ANYONE can be average average is easy, being skinny as hell and weak or a fat bastage both very simple Ive been to both extremes who wants to be average be easy.

Just keep taking those steps to seperate you from the sheeple and you will make progress

read up and bring back any ?'s you have



It's good to know that I am not the only one in a similar situation and all of the advise really helps. When it comes down to it, I guess there is no better answer then just do it.

Over time, I will learn how to effectively tweak my routine to suit my goals, but the most important thing right now is to start, and set the routine down. After all, starting something and leaving the norm is quite a mental challenge, because it is easier to be lazy then to actually do something.

Thank you all for posting, all of the advise has really helped me pound some fundementals into my head.


You might continue to lose weight depending on what you are eating. At 270 used to be 300, and lifting for little over a year, I might guess you are even higher body fat% then that. Try to keep your rest periods short, still lift heavy base your workout around deadlifts and you will be ok.