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Body Count

Here’s a new topic surely to piss of a few people…

How old are you? How many women have you slept with?

Greek-dog! Why would you PM me to check out this topic? Do you think I’m some sort of WHOO-EERR!



OK. I’ll go first.

26 years old. bodycount: 100+

holy fucking shit! 100 plus?

i have bagged my share, but no where near 100 plus. are you wilt chamberlain or something?

from now on greeks new name is “the stilt.”

man whore

manwhore…pure manwhore…

Greekdawg = Manwhore
How’s the genital warts?

Waves the BS flag
Sorry greekdawg, I find that hard to believe.

Be carefull greekdawg you may end up like Shawn Kemp.

I have no problem believing him - some of my buddies from college had to have hit that number just in their time in undergrad.

Still, greekdog, I do hope you have kept yourself clean. No need to be a vector for warts, clap, hep, herpes, etc.

As for my #: None of your beeswax.

To be totally honest, I’ve only slept with 2 chicks in my life. However, each relationship lasted 2+ years, and if you count how many times I poked them both, it’s probably well over 1000. I’m 24 years old, but I had always been a fat tub of shit until I was about 20 - 21.

I find that the ones that talk about it the most are usually the ones that lie out their ass about how many and how much. But that is just my experience.

If it is true, you had better be getting checked regularly cuz condoms are far from 100% effective…

greek, that sure is something to be proud of. Were you expecting to have people congratulate you? What a dumb topic.

One…and I married her.


Why didn’t you just call the thread “I BAGGED 100+ CHICKS AND WANT TO BRAG!!!”

Maybe I’m just bitter. 31 years old (married nearly 5), body count of 5–all but 1 of which were in long term relationships.

1, 10, 100…each to their own as far as I’m concerned. But if it is even half that number I hope you have had the sense to get tested…otherwise that kind of action is just asking for a death sentence.

Greekdawg, if that’s what you really want, then good for you. Do what you like.

But just be careful that you can relate to women and you recognize when you meet the right one and treat her right because…
(“horror” story ahead)

a friend of mine has a younger brother that is a stud. Model good looks, great Men’s Fitness type build: long, lean ripped but not bulky, great dancer, and a million dollar smile.
Guys wanted to be his friends he was so popular and charming.
He was president of the largest fraternity on campus and eventually president of the intrafraternity council at a major state university. He won his fraternity’s fucking title 1 year, and had women obsessing over him, years after graduation- yes, they were stupid bimbos but still…2 of them even moved in w/ his best friend so they could see him more often.

So, he falls in love his senior year, hardcore. Crazy about this girl, they move to the same city after graduation and start talking about marriage. Well, he hadn’t had a GF in 5 years and something happened. He just figured things would work because fuck, women had always wanted him. He was arrogant, and up til then he had every right to be. Well, he just didn’t know what being in a serious relationship was really like and she ends up cheating on him and eventually moving in with this other guy. The worst part? This dude was the stupidest, dumbest meathead you could ever meet. No personality, he practically had a sign saying “Duh!” floating above his head.
Half a step above being a 'tard. He even spoke like the brother on Everybody Loves Raymond!

She CRUSHED him dude, brutally. Probably like he did to a lot of women !

So make sure you appreciate the right girl when she comes along.

greek asked for it big time, this was totally a braggig post…although the term egg on face comes to mind :slight_smile:

age 22 women 4. 3 were long term relationships (1.5 year, 5 months and 3 years) and the fourth I sure as hell thought and hoped would’ve been. Happened just last week. Fuck it sucks being the dumpee.


I have no reason to lie…I have friends that have at least doubled up on that.

You have to understand that was over a period of years. And my travel experiences over seas. If you run the numbers, it only averages out to like 10 women a year since 16. I’ve slowed down considerably now.

Another forum I belong to brought this up, so I’d figure I would bring it up over here.

Never had an STC (knock on wood), and yes, I do have problems relating to women on emotional levels. I’ve never really had a serious relationship. And, yes I am addicted to sex, but I look at it like this,I don’t drink, smoke, drug, anything. But most people have at least one vice…

This was not meant to brag, and I see it as no different than some of the Wideguy, P-Dog “I banged two chicks this weekend” type threads, etc.