Body-Count Positivity: A Rant

Saw another “body positivity” thing pop up today and was going to rant about it. Then I realized I’d already covered it on Twitter (which I try to avoid these days). Anyway, here’s a secondhand rant. I think I’m most disappointed in the fitness pros who have adopted this nonsense.


Fat people cry about fat phobia until they lose weight.

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I’ve never seen anyone regret much-needed fat loss. Funny that.

They can think what they want about themselves and each other, but in the end the men decide on woman and women decide on men. Though I notice the “body positivity” movement apparently does not include men.
If you tell me Lizzo is beauty and thin attractive women are ugly, then I guess I like ugly women.

Not so fast… :smile:


Still smaller than Lizzo.

Dudes like that will never see a “real” woman?