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Body composition

This is addressed to all T-mag readers and staff, all meaningful feedback would be greatly appreciated. Despite my trainers recomendation of not getting of the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer… I DID! Obviously I did not like the feedback I got. Essentially, according to the Tanita my bodyfat has not decreased in the past two years, I find that rather hard to believe (and accept!. After all, I am very dedicated to the bodybuilding lifestyle, I swear by MD6 and T2, and the mirror does not agree with the reading the Tanita is giving me. So what gives?

I also have one of these scales. They are extremely inaccurate as far as “athletic builds” are concerened. No need to worry!

Alcatraz - I don’t want to rewrite everything that I have written in the past, but do a search for these 2 forum threads. “Jason N.:More on Impedance Devices” and “Why you don’t like your body comp numbers” There is a ton of information in those two threads that should help you figure out how to best use this scale. Use key words: more on impedance devices for the first thread and body comp for the second thread. After you read those, feel free to ask any more questions.