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Body Composition, T and Weight Gain

First post. Read a lot of the stickies …

Lifelong athlete and collegiate baseball player, I spent age 25-37 of my life as a cyclist competing at the highest amateur categories (never a paid pro). I am 6’-5" and weighed about 190 lbs when I gave up cycling competitively last fall. I decided to play baseball again because I like training, lifting and preparing for a season. After starting some of my old workout regimens and with a lot more knowledge of recovery and body maintenance, I managed to get my weight and strength up. Sitting at 235 lbs. now. It took a while for my brain to kick the “eating disorder” mentality that comes with endurance sports (constantly trying to be light).

I noticed a lot of fatigue, low libido and depression so I checked my T levels with my PCP and found that I am 270 TT and 51 free T.

Anyone gone through a change like this? At 38 years old should I consider TRT? Too soon?

Should I be on Anastrazole out of the gate or do you just run T alone at first?

Open to advice and recommendations.


You will get mixed replys 100% do trt now. Try Clomid first. Change your diet and sleep first. Investigate tumors ECT. Ect. Bottom line is do you feel bad enough that you are willing to commit to injecting yourself for the rest of your days. My personal take is that i feel anyone should be able to put whatever they want into their bodies. Spend time reading through guys stories here, but know that you won’t hear about the guys that are doing good with limited to no problems like me. Spend enough time weighing your options before jumping into something so you dont go in with unrealistic expectations and end up quiting and suffering


I didn’t want to spend another year or even a month getting fixed up. My life was crashing down due to fatigue and etc.

You are almost 40 and that’s my age when I started. Nothing wrong with starting trt now. If you don’t feel horrid and have the energy to try other things go for it.

End of day the best benefits come from cypionate or scrotul cream. HCG and chlomid keep the system online and is used for young men below 30s normally.

You do not need anastrazole. You are lean and fit. Your body should be fine. Estrogen has many protective benefits for bones , joints, Brain and more. If after a few weeks of starting trt you do have issues you lower dose or increase frequency. If nothing works start ai. Until then there are many ways around it.

You have to research and find a good provider to help you make this decision.

I’m a cat 4 cyclist so I figure you are 1 or 2 and I totally relate. My low t got so bad I could not get on the bike and train anymore. I would wake up put my gear in and could not find the motivation to get on the bike and meet the boys. Eventually I stopped waking up.

This has been going on for 3 years. Started racing 4 years ago. I now realize why my power never increased and I stayed static for years. Once I started trt and thyroid It was so much easier to ride and lift.

I am so surprised you were able to compete at those levels. You are going to be a beast when you are hormonally sound. But then you are not going to be competing naturally.

If you are not on any other meds then this is a issue that is not easily fixed. Unless there is a tumor or you were in ssri or some type of medicine before this happened.

Check thyroid as well. For me It was both thyroid and trt. If thyroids broken then the trt will not work. Thyroid fatigue overrides everything. Atleast it did for me.

What state are you in?

That says it right there, you’re almost 40 and will struggle to hold onto what you have as your levels decrease as you age, add to it all the multiple endocrine disruptors forcing testosterone to decline. Our bodies are being assaulted every day by these endocrine disrupting chemicals, this is why we are seeing a rapid decline in testosterone in young and old men alike in the last 10 years and it is accelerating.

You’re not going to be able to increase testosterone to the optimal ranges without intervention. Clomid is a drug, T-cypionate is a bioidentical hormone. Clomid was originally developed for women, maybe that’s why most men feel so bad on it.

As it stands now you are at high risk for cardiovascular disease at these disease state levels!

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