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Body Composition Isn't Changing....


Before I started TRT, I had a very high body fat to muscle ratio, despite eating perfectly clean and training incredibly hard in the gym and at wrestling practice. Now I've been on TRT for 7 months. Yet, I still store the same amount of abdominal fat, my muscle mass isn't increasing, I'm not gaining lean body mass and losing body fat percentage.

I don't understand it considering how hard I train, how clean I eat, and the fact that my testosterone is in the 1200 range.

I'm not sure what's up. Like I said, I eat so clean, that it could be considered OCD. I eat only the cleanest purist foods, I don't eat anything processed, I haven't had a cheat meal or anything in over a year, etc.

Here are some stats:
-Age: 19
-170 pounds
-150 mg testosterone per week, two injections a week
-2 mg arimidex per week, broken into 4 doses
-Testosterone: ~1200
-E2 - It was 59 before I started arimidex, but now it should be around 20 after tweaking my doses

I'm a patient guy, but I thought that by now I would start to see my body lean up....here are some pics:

me cut down to 155 about 3 months ago

me bulked up to 180 as of now...(on the right is 180, left is 155)


Any brothers to compare to in terms of basic body traits? Genetics counts.

You have gained a lot of muscle. And gained 25#

You may be eating clean, but may need to eat less simple carbs.

But all of that aside, how are you feeling from day to day? Feeling mentally sharp? Good agility and reflexes? Getting enough sleep?

There will be more changes in terms of virility, which takes years for some.

Would like to see labs for TT, FT, E2 with ranges.


Unfortunately I don't have any brothers to compare to.

My agility, reflexes, mind are all great.

But I train so hard and eat so correctly, I wish I could somehow make my bodyfat percentage decrease, and maintain more lean body mass.


You can't cut body fat at the same time you are gaining muscle mass (after possibly some initial gains), regardless of the fact that you are on TRT. TRT will make it easier to bulk and then subsequently cut, however. You are bulking now, which is what you need to do if you really want to see some changes in body composition. Once you have added the muscle mass (along with some minimal fat), you will find it much easier to go on a cut to lose the fat.

I would suggest continuing the bulk until you get to at least 200 lbs, then go on a cutting cycle for a couple of months to lose the fat, lifting hard to spare as much muscle as possible. Just be sure you are eating enough calories to continue bulking for now.

You actually are looking good.