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Body Composition and Weight

I’m 37 now and have been a pretty dedicated gym rat for over 20 years. The last year or so I’ve slacked off a bit with kids, work, life, etc…but, I’ve gotten back into the groove the last month or so and am getting back to my old self. I’ve noticed in the last 4 weeks that I’ve slimmed down (lost 3 1/2" around waist) and feel much lighter and harder.

I look slimmer in the mirror and everything seems to be trending properly except my body weight hasn’t budged a pound. Is it possible to lose fat and gain lean muscle at such a rate that you’d notice a change in appearance but not on the scale? Maybe after I lean out a bit more and start to plateau muscle-wise I’ll start to see a drop in weight? Thanks in advance.

yep… since it sounds like its regain .