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Body Composition and Food Choices

Its weird. At 42 years old you would think I would have figured this out by now, or maybe have a clue. I have concluded that I FEEL best on high/medium fat diets(2-3 meals per day) and LOOK my best on higher carb, multiple meals per day.

When I eat higher fat like bison, bacon, liver sausage, whole organic eggs, whole cheeses, cream, and the like I feel wonderful with no sinusitis or energy depletion but when I eat 60/30/10(egg whites, cream of rice, chicken breast, rice) I LOOK my best but feel like crap and end up sick. Here’s the kicker: my weight hardly changes at all but my body comp. does. Moreso, my blood profile is signicantly better with the higher fat diet.

Has anyone else experienced such a thing?