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Body Composition Analysis

I am pondering buying a body fat analyser (a decent electrical conductivity one with hand/foot electrodes - bodystat 1500 maybe?


does any one have any suggestions? or any idea if its really worth the money, versus a 30 quid tanita weighing scales? (the former measures fat %ge in upper body, the latter - as i understand it, just lower body)

thought id pick the collective brain!
if anyone knows the difference in accuracy of these things that would be awesome too!

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One summer I went to 2 places that had a Futrex machine. One said I was at 1.5% bodyfat, the other 3%. yeah… The futrex machine sux.

I found a nurse at a heart clinic that did caliper body comp on a regular basis. She gave accurate results.

No idea about the machine you are looking at.

Use the neck, height and abdomen calculator. It’s a lot cheaper.

cool! thanks for the replies! 1.5%?! thats a CRAZY machine! I was thinking of steering clear of calipers as I understand they are accurate only in practiced hands, having tried to do such measurements once and found how innacurate i am at it I thoight i’d go with something foolproof that I had trust in, I may yet use calipers though!