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Body Comp & Tanita Scales


Yes, I know that what I am about to say has pretty much been beat to death already, but let me share my experience...

I started using a Tanita scale that seems to be one of the pricier models, my height is 5 10 (175 cm) and my weight the first time I used it was 212 pounds.

Well, guess what? the thing said my body fat was at 21.2% which seems about right, if they are as bad as some people say they are, there is no way in hell it would have given me that result, I think it would be much higher if it went by useless height-weight charts.

Well anyways, I used it today (did some dieting plus a little training), obviously my body fat % went down by 0.6 and my water weight also decreased considerably and since my water weight went down, so did my lean body mass number (remember muscle is mostly water).

The thing even calculates your BMR based on your lean body mass, according to it mine is 2300 something which also seems about right. I wouldnt be surprised if this scale cost between $120-$200.

My question however is, should I continue using this scale, I am perfectly aware that it is not exact, but I really think it can help keep me motivated in combination with the mirror and feedback from others.

Thanks in advance.


It doesn't matter what you use. It's supposed to be a reference only... to see a trend. If from week to week it changes, that's good for you as you know you are doing the right thing.

That being said, I would invest in a measuring tape instead.