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Body Comp Strategy Question



Love the new forum. I have a question regarding a longer term (1 year) strategy to manage my body comp. My goal is to compete (and do well) in the Highland Games Lightweight World Championship, pretty much one year from today. The weight cutoff is 190 lbs and under. Currently, I am around 210, about 13% BF. I want to be prepared for the competition, under the weight, but strong (so no water depleting). I plan to do a smaller competition in the lightweight class in Feb. to tune up at that weight. My question is, to maximize performance in that class, should I attempt to cut to 190 now and maintain for the duration, or should I be doing a series of cycles of strength focus and cutting until then?
FYI, The weigh-ins are always the morning of the games, so I will need to be solidly under 190 and strong as hell. Thanks!