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Body Comp Program

Ok im looking at primarily optimising my body composition. Summer down under is coming to a close but there is still 3 month’s worth of beach weather left.

Day 1
squats 3x10
bench 3x10
military 3x10
tricep assistance exercise 3x12

Day 2
deadlift 3x10
bentrow 3x10
powerclean 5x5
bicep assistance exercise 3x12

KB Complex day
C&P’s x10x6

Basically 5 days a week. 3 heavy resistance, 2 KB complexes. Day 1 and 2 simply alternate. 3 compunds each weights day with 1 assistance exercise (chose arm’s as i have come of a 2 month spell of no upper body work)

Nutritionally i’m on a slight calorie deficit. Been on this for around a month and enjoying it, though always seem to be tired haha.

Any comments, suggestions or predictions? i’m really just wanting to look best i can naked for next few months before i bulk had in winter, ditching hte kb work, jacking up the calories and lifting 5 day weeks.