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Body Comp. Changes- Metabolic Drive?


Hey guys

I am still bulkin' up here but want to make sure that the fuel I am giving my body is "high octane" gas to fuel my body properly. I currently just take run of the mill Champion Nutrition / Dymatize Whey and Surge PWO, Muscle Milk Pre-Bed.

Would I notice noticeable body compositional changes if I changed say all of my whey intake to Metabolic Drive? (Meaning, would the micellar casein actually be much of a difference VS whey?)

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


What's your fave flavor :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back! I thought you had gotten all big and forgot about us. How heavy are you now?

To answer your question, keep the Surge PWO, you need the fast release protein then. Otherwise, Metabolic Drive would make a difference as far as it slowing down assimilation. Metabolic Drive still has whey, but the casein is far slower releasing into your system. So you kinda get the best of both worlds.

As far as pre-bed, I get a shake of 1 egg, scoop and 1/2 100% casein powder, water, ice, and some half and half. I don't wake up hungry at all.

I don't have a fave flave - what matters most is that I get results and it doesn't bloat or gas me - it could taste like dog-patch and I would still chug-a-lug. Thank goodness Metabolic Drive doesn't have a dogpatch flavor YET.

Good Luck.


My 1# is Metabolic Drive Complete Vanilla for it's mixing potential with other ingredients. I often mix a scoop of either Metabolic Drive Banana or Strawberry Low-Carb in with my Metabolic Drive Complete as well.



I've put on 21lbs so far (117lbs -> 138lbs)

I will of course keep the Surge PWO but say I replaced the 2 or so scoops of whey I use a day to Metabolic Drive, would I notice anything noticeable? Or would my body just notice the change (meaning can't notice noticeable changes but it IS better)


Changing protein powder isn't going to cause magic... however, it may be long term changes in your ability to recover and train harder where you may get a difference.

If you really want to find out if it will make a difference to you, eat the same amount of calories until you plateau, then replace your current powder with Metabolic Drive for two weeks and assess.