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Body Comp Blitz Log

@LegacyFighter: To me workout 4 was definitely the hardest. Aside from the Bulgarians, I didn’t think this was THAT tough. Then again, you used 45’s for the squat jumps right? I’m not looking forward to day 7 tomorrow morning at all.

Workout 7

High Speed Dynamic Training with Lower Body Focus

2x with 2:00 rest, using 45’s
A1 Alternating Forward Lunges 15 each side
A2 Standing Overhead Press 10
A3 DB squat: 10 reps
A4 Single Arm DB Row 10 each side
A5 Alternating Reverse Lunges 10 each side
A6 Single DB Squat 12

3x with 2:00 rest using 50’s
B1 Standing Overhead Press: 8
B2 Alternating forward Lunges 8 each side
B3 DB Step-ups 6 each side
B4 DB Flat Bench 6
B5 Single DB Squat 12

1x using bodyweight
C1 Right Leg Bulgarian Split Squat 20
C2 Right Leg Step-ups 15
C3 Right Leg Squat to bench 10
C4 Left Leg Bulgarian Split Squat 20
C5 Left Leg Step-ups 15
C6 Left Leg Squat to Bench 10

Couldn’t do final section because of time constraints. Not that it was necessary at all, this thing kicked my ass. Weighed in at 246 today.

Precor Stepper Machine HIIT with resistance. 5 Minute warmup no resistance, 5 minutes “10” resistance, then at “15” resistance 30 hard/10 easy, 20/10, 20/20, 10/30, 10/10, 10/10, 10/50, 10/60, 20/60, 10/40, 30 hard. 12 minutes steady state with no resistance after the HIIT.

Yikes. Workout 8 was a total bust. Moved up 10 pounds on my push press (205x6), but deadlift was only 415x1, wouldn’t budge afer that. Completely fried. Haven’t missed a workout in past 3 months, gonna take a week for maintenance training and resume balls to the wall training next Monday.

Did you finish out the program and what results did you see?