Body Cleansing?

My wife found a body cleansing “diet” that she has her heart set on doing, but when I read over it the diet sounded like it could be more harmful than good. It requires her to eat absolutely nothing for 10-40 days, while taking some sort of laxative drinks each day. I tried to tell her not to do it, but I really don’t have the knowledge on this stuff to really explain it to her. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about this, please let me know.

I would say that eating nothing for 10 to 40 days while taking laxatives is pretty self evidently bad.

good lord man… no eating for 10-40 days, im pretty sure jesus and ghandi have been the only ones to do that in the history of the world. just think about it no food for at least ten days, then throw a laxative in the mix, i dont think anyone on this site can go more than 4hrs w/o eating something besides during the nightly fast, but we all take the nessecery precatautions for that too, a slow digesting protien before we go to bed, some of us wake up during the night to get a protein fix or some carbs.

tell her before taking the advice of this cult book that she needs to talk to a doctor. hell if she doesnt want to do that tell her to google ethiopian children and tell her they havnt eaten for 40 days either and they look really healthy! good luck with this one buddy, im still getting used to the idea of someone acually publishing a book saying this is healthy.

This is not good. This seems like something an anorexic/bulimic person might try. Ask her to think about it: NOT EATING. Sure she will lose weight, and most likely cause damage to the rest of her body.

Tell her to avoid this like it’s a plague. Most of these diets and products are sold by multi-level marketers or by people/companies that have shady operations, IMO.

Even the ones that I would trust, and I’ve used some as a curiosity, still seem pretty flaky to me. But even these don’t recommend the kind of restriction that that plan does. That’s just crazy (and not crazy as in “That’s genius!” but crazy in "That’s f*king stupid!).

She doesn’t need laxatives, she needs a solid, well-balanced nutritional plan that includes plenty of healthy fiber and all the nutrients she needs. I recommend JB’s Precision Nutrition.

Colonex, google it, it works great… It’s safe, you eat, and get clean.