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Body Changes on CarbUp Day?

I’ve been on a low carb diet for a while and have been encorporating carb refeeds every 2 weeks (I’m going to be having them more frequently now) and noticed some things happening with my body and am hoping that you guys can explain them to me. First off yesterday I went crazy with my refeed. Normally it’s quite healthy but yeseterday cereal was calling my name non stop along with french fries, pizza, etc.:frowning: Anyways my weight jumped 12 LBS!!! Yes 12. Not quite sure why. And second I noticed that I go to the bathroom A LOT more like 3x a day (#2 by the way) can some explain that as well? I really appreciate the help and will try to find more information to give others as well on this topic. Thank you.

i go 3 times a day everyday. for my whole life i might add. 12lbs in one day? that sounds a little high.

Its mostly water and glycogen probably(sp), The shit deal is pretty simple no carbs or fiber=No crap for a week…More food in+lots of fiber in at once =lots of crap…to put it bluntly, the more you consume the more u’ll crap esp w/ fiber…


The weight gain is unexpected if you’ve never tried refeeds before (I know, I just experienced the same thing), but not illogical. You’re eating a whole lot of food in a body-state where you’ve been fasting for a long time. Of course your body is going to suck every bit of it up. Don’t worry about it. It’s normal, and you’ll lose the weight again when you go back to being strict with your food.

Water, water, and more water. I run into the same thing when I do refeeds, especially if they are overdone. And restroom visits are VERY frequent.