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Body by Gregron


Well I guess its time. I've been thinking of starting a workout log for a while but I think now its time.

I've just been doing a lazy bodypart split lately. I havent had much structure and I'm tired of it so Its time to start a log to keep myself accountable. I dont know how many people will follow it but thats not the point.

My goals are:
Get Stronger
Work on my Vert (still want to try and dunk)
recomp a bit
Stay around the same weight that I am now


5'11" and 212lbs today at the gym.




Todays workout was legs and shoulders:

Warm up:
2,000 Meter row in 7:47 (this was my first time back doing a 2k in a long time. I was struggling but it definitely warmed my legs up)

warmed up then

imidiately stripped the weight down for a drop set and did
225x20 - this was brutal

lying single leg hamstring curls:
70lbs x 3x8 (hamstrings were pretty burnt out from the rowing/squats)

Bulgarian split squats:
50lb DB'sx 3x6 each leg

single leg stiff leg deadlifts:
Just bodyweight this time to loosen things up: 3x6 each leg cause my hammies were extremely tight/cramping

Seated shoulder press:
70'sx 8
80sx 8

Circuit style. 3 times through this:

DB Lateral raise:
30'sx 10 with a pause at the top. No body english on these

javelin press:
40lb bar 8 reps each arm

Face Pulls:
90lbs - Pause and squeeze the traps on this.

That was what I did today. Didnt do any conditioning work at the end like I usually do because my legs felt smashed I was tired throughout my workout because of that 225x20 drop set I did.

Struggled a little bit on squats because I havent been squatting 'heavy' lately. I was working on close stance front squats but couldnt do more than 225 without almost dying on a set of more than 4 reps (was getting choked out lol)

My shoulders suck. I had surgery on my left shoulder for a torn labrum and have had a shitty OHP ever since.


hahaha already got a reply! yesssss!

just dont laugh at the puny weights I'm throwing around :slightly_smiling:


Dude, I was about to ask you in my thread why you don't have a log and here this is. What're you benching now? Last I remember you were throwing up 225 for 20-ish. GET SOME VIDS UP.


/Laughs til he poops himself


Yes, yes, YES!
I'm definetely following. It's nice to see weights to match the mus-kles :slight_smile:

Hmm, I was looking for the "hamstrings were burnt after rowing" statement.
Yes, I hate rowing for the burning bum and hammies.


I stopped doing BB bench for a few months. I was doing DB bench/incline exclusively. I really like the stretch feeling I get with DB's and I still dont do BB Incline. I just recently started back up with BB benching (only a few weeks ago) so I'm not totally sure what I'd bench. My last workout I worked up to 295x4 but I didnt have a spotter so I stopped there (it was really heavy feeling though)

I think it'll take a little bit to adjust to pushing heavier weights because I never did the DB's over 120 (so combined thats like a 240 BB bench)

I'll start getting some vids up soon. I always forget to video my lifts cause I use my iphone4 its also what I listen to my jams on when I lift.

I'll also be adding pictures and things to the log


damn it! type-o already... yes I actually burnt them up... from the friction of my thunder thighs lol


happy birthday to me!

nah, jk, still dont like you, jk, but keep up the good work bud


took the day off yesterday cause i've had a lot going on with school stuff and wedding stuff (for those of you that are following and didnt know I got engaged over the Christmas break and we're planning trips to check out wedding venues)

So I'll be back in the gym today. I'll post the results after I get back and if it goes good and there is anything of note to report on I'll maybe post a pic or vid.


Congratulations on the engagement brother!


thanks a lot! Its pretty exciting times, thats for sure. I just didnt realize that the planning would start this fast!




im really excited


I will be expecting my invitation in the mail soon


Got in the gym today for some back and bi'zzzz

Warm up:
Threw on my 25lb weight vest and did a 1 mile run in 8:24 (this was pretty hard cause I literally havent ran a mile since march of last year when i did the warrior dash)

Wide Grip Pull up:
BWx 10,10,10 (concentrating on pulling my elbows to my hips and going slowly) +25lbs 8,6 (i usually try to keep my rest periods to 60 seconds)

Lat Pull Downs (wider than shoulder width grip)
225x6 drop set 165x10 (big stretch at the top of these and hold the contraction at the bottom for a half second or so)

DB Row:
125'sx7 (I really need to get some straps because my grip strength sucks. Its always what goes out first. i can do more pullups, curs, rows than my grip allows so I need some straps)

Preacher Curl:
EZ Bar plus a 45lb plate per side 6,6,6 (<--emphasis on the negatives on all of these)

Alt. DB Curls:
60'sx5 (super pump at this point. My forearms were fried and I could barely hold onto the DB's)

Reverse Curl then Towel Pull ups:
50lb bar x 10 then 5 towel pull ups
70lb barx 8 then 5 towel pull ups (hands/grip was destroyed so I didnt do any more sets)

2lb jump rope for 100 jumps
10 burpees

3 sets @ 60 seconds rest

Then threw the 25lb weight vest back on for 1 more mile: 9:48 (

All in all it was a good workout but I was pretty tired through out because of the weight vest mile. I normally would wear my vest for the jump ropes and burpees but since I knew i was going to do another mile I decided not too..... and I'm glad I did!

If anyone has any ideas/recommendations for the lifting portion of my routine let me know because I am open for suggestions. Like I said before (i think i said it before?) I have been kinda dicking around in the gym lately and am getting back to being more serious/accountable in the gym. I'm always up for suggestions and tweaks if you have any.

Thanks for reading and take it easy


Mods - can you move this to the San Diego thread in GAL? thanks. More people need to read about the gloriousness that is san diego.


Kickin ass in here Greg, and don't sweat the mile time, shit's still faster than the pace I just did a half marathon at.

As for tips? At least on the back workout above, you've got pullups and pulldowns, and DB rows, maybe throw in another rowing movement like cable rows or something for the lower traps/rhomboids maybe? I don't know shit though, just an idea if you feel like you "need" something more


hahaha you did a friggin half marathon! I sure hope my one mile is a faster pace than your half marathon pace! What half marathon did you do? I want to run a marathon some day just to say that I've done it... Even though I hate running.

Yea I usually do cable rows or the Hammer strength low row machine but the gym was so slammed with the new years rush people that most of the equipment was being used up... But good suggestion. I'm still looking to tweak/fine tune everything to get my program dialed in.


a back pic from last week. I know i definitely need to thicken up my upper back but i've been concentrating on width lately. Here's what I'm working with now. Gotta beef it up