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Body By Gregron 2.0


So the old log was all filled up... starting fresh.

Heres a pic of me from this morning, bodyweight was 214 today (feeling kinda bloated from the weekend)

Front Squat: 315x8
Clean: 315
Deadlift: 500
Bench: ???
Look: Awesome

Very attainable goals IMO.


Added the video from my last training sesh in the old log
I just want to say thank you to everyone who visited my old log. You guys keep me motivated to lift hard and I genuinely enjoy BSing with all of you... You're good peeps.


I decided to track all my food today just for my own knowledge. here is basically what I eat every day... the proteins are interchangeable

Protein Shake- 54g PRO, 4g FAT, 6g CARB 280 Cals
Half Banana- 0g PRO, 0g FAT, 15g CARB 60 Cals
9oz Turkey- 72g PRO, 9g FAT, 0g CARB 432 Cals
9oz Rice- 9g PRO, 0g FAT, 63g CARB 279 Cals
Big Shake: 62g PRO, 19g FAT, 44g CARB 590 Cals
2 scoops pro
1 banana
2tbs peanut butter

6oz Salmon- 38g PRO, 20 FAT, 0g CARB 350 Cals
1oz Olive Oil- 0g PRO, 28 FAT, 0g CARB 248 Cals
mixed green salad w/ chopped up bell peppers... No idea about the breakdown of this?
Bell Peppers- 1g PRO, 0gFAT, 5g CARB 23 Cals
Garlic Vinaigrette- 0g PRO, 5gFAT, 3g CARB 60 Cals

Interesting to actually look at this all laid out. Id like to up my carb intake a bit... maybe the protein as well

TOTALS: 236g PRO, 85gFAT, 135g CARB 2,322 Cals

Thats a basic diet for me, give or take a little bit.

EDIT: I had this all spaced out but its not staying in that format... dang, sorry that its kinda hard to read. I think I'll take out the individual item break downs so that its easier to read


What are you back squatting now?

Also I'll be driving into San Diego on the 8th and staying till the 11th. Not sure where I am staying yet, going to check out hotels tomorrow.






HI! Very attainable goals indeed..

How far back is the incline in the smith?
I'm still waiting to feel the boobie pumps..LOL!

Is it continuous tension, no lock out?


keep trucking!

edit: just got caught up in your old log - you guys are soooo cute!!!

and deads PR is awesome.


Less than 100 calories and half of it is fiber (assuming no additions/sauces)

Good luck with your goals bud (unless you achieve them before me)


Jams98- I havent dont back squats in a while now. I've switched over to all front squats so I couldnt tell you but some of my best squat numbers (all within the last year) were 405 x 3, 365x 5 and 225 x 24. With front squats its 315x1 lol (but I did switch to a closer stance to recruit more quads and less hammy's/booty meat)

DF & Jams- lolz

MiM- I set the incline bench to the "standard" incline level... not sure exactly what it is but probaly 45 degrees or so? I do them the constant tension way. I think the reason that I like them so much is because of the huge stretch that I can get in the bottom position without worrying about destroying my shoulder.

Frenchy- lol at your picture... I'm assuming that I'm the white fox in all of that debauchery? :slight_smile: Glad you liked some of the stuff from my old log. I was thinking of posting a few things in here to catch people up (like the last video) but didnt know?

scj- about 100 cals? I was assuming it was something like that. Basically not very important cals thats why I wasnt sweating it. I only added the garlic vinaigrette, which is AMAZIN! Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate you're somewhat sincere "good luck" lol... we'll just have to see who gets there first!

Woke up this morning STARVING!!! Im not sure why but I have the feeling that I'm going to crush some food today? Maybe it was because my dinner last night was very "light"? aaaaanyway, heading to the gym now to get some FMC... probably incline walking today cause I've got legs later.


Greg you're only 2,300 kcals!???


Right now, yeah (apparently... Like I said I havent counted Cals in like 2 years. I just go by the mirror... But yeah between 2,300-2,500 I would say? I'll throw in eggs here and there and cheese and wine with dinner so those are extra cals... I just didn't happen to have any of those yesterday. I cook with a lot of olive oil too but I font really count those cals so I'm getting extra here and there.

Also... I'm trying to drop a little BF right now too


You eat too many calories


From where? You have fat feet? Your dick weigh a few pounds?


Welcome back to my log Big Man... Glad to have you.

Apparently I do? Eat less and lift more right? I'll work on that first part :slight_smile:

Hahaha yes DJ... I have very fat feet and I'm self concious about them. Thanks for bringing it up! :slight_smile:

Those things you see in my OP that resemble abs are just well placed fat deposits lol. I've got a little man FUPA that I'd like to get rid of. I'd say that I probably would like to lose 5lbs of fat? I think my ideal weight is 200-205 and not 210-220. I've had a few lower body injuries/pains while being over 210 and I NEVER got hurt when I was under that weight (although I was younger and all)

I lost the desire to be hyoooooooge a while back when I felt unathletic and sluggish at 220 (actually 219)

Ya know what I mean?

Like I suspected I was very bloated yesterday from my less than desirable diet over the weekend. One of my good buddies that I haven't seen in a few years is out here from Virginia Beach and we were celebrating. I may or may not have had a beer or tow or ten. Who's counting? lol... Feeling very not bloated this morning and weighed in at 209 (as opposed to 214) yesterday.

Looking forward to a solid leg session today.


holy bloated!!


imagery overload!!

ok, phew! I'm back.

a) I agree your purrrrfect. But I'm always looking to drop a kilito or two, so I feel ya.

b) It always amazes me that I (used to!) eat the same amount of kcals as some of you big boys. 2200 cals was pretty much standard for me while I was training. I would even dominate and hit up to 4k Kcals in one day pre-game day. Le sigh...

c) Goals look super feasible. Kill it!

Congrats on the new log Greg! I shall be following along :slight_smile:


You gotta be the first guy in T-Nation history who's log got filled more by visitors shooting the shit than the guy who started it. You and your gal look happy, man. Congrats. I feel you on the not wanting to be huge. I honestly think that that's one of the main reasons I tore my meniscus. I stopped doing athletic stuff and just focused on the weightroom and stuffing my face. I got pretty big [for me] and was pretty damn strong but I felt like shit and my body wasn't happy with it. Shit started breaking down left and right. Being lean, strong and athletic is way better, IMO.


Along with what WhiteFlash is saying...

I'm trying to get big and swole lol. Weight - check. Stuffing my face - check. How can I stay athletic though? I do a GPP day 1x per week (bike HIIT, etc), and I jog to the gym a few times a week. I want to stay limber though, any tips?


Think one of my main problems was I completely abandoned any and everything that wasn't weight training related. Literally, if it didn't involve putting weight on a bar and moving said bar in some fashion I shunned it. I also bought into the whole "overtraining" thing and wouldn't do other shit for fear of losing hard earned L-B's. That is fucking retarded. The older I get, the more I believe that the weightroom is there for you to be better at your favorite athletic activities, not BE your athletic activity, if that makes sense. Being big and strong is awesome, but not at the expense of having fun outside the weightroom. The "bodybuilding lifestyle" is all encompassing and kind of detracts from the real world.


I feelz ya. I gotta build up my base, but I def like Greg's athletic approach etc...