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Body Builders of T-Nation: How Do You Train?

Most of the training logs in here are either strength focused or haven’t documented majority of their bodybuilding journey

So I was wondering, those of you that have been training for a long time with the purpose of maximizing your looks, how did you train in the past and future?

There are actually a lot of bodybuilding contest/prep threads as well as “_____ how do you train?” threads if you hunt them down.

Maybe someone should compile a list :slight_smile:


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I was looking more for something like “how my training has changed since I started”

Back when I was really focussed on still building size my push day work-out used to be:

OHP 5 x 3
Bench Press 5 x 3
DB OHP 3 x 10-15
DB Incline bench 3 x 10-15
Tricep push downs 5 x 10-20
Front raises 3 x 10-15
Fly variation 3 x 10-15

For conditioning I’d either run some half mile intervals or do what I like to call an ‘angle grinder’ Ie: start by db ohping for 15 reps then drop it down angle on adjustable bench and blast another set of 15 and so on till i get down to flat bench.

In the future I might go back to bbing and I’m thinking I might do something like:

Monday:Squats, example: 3 x 5, 3 x 7, 3 x 10, 20+ to failure, then 5 sets of ham curls and 5 sets of glute bridges to finish.
Tuesday: OHP
Wednesday: Pull-ups
Thursday: Bench Press
Friday: Rows
Saturday: Arms

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I don’t know if @jackolee considers himself a bodybuilder per se. But the journey to his physique competition last year is one of my favorite all-time log reads.

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