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Body builder chili nutritional facts

Hey all I know this has been asked and answered but the damn search keeps giving me errors so does anyone have the nutritional facts for the recipes for success? I know this was a ways back.

I’m having that problem too. What’s up with the damn search engine?

well, depending on what brand of stuff you use, what type of meat (beef, turkey, etc), how much seasoning, etc. it will vary. the way i did mine was to write down the total calories, protein, fat, and carbs of everything i put in the pot. then, after it was cooked, i weighed it out equally and put it in 12 of those disposable ziplock containers. then just add up all your calories and macros from the ingrediants and divide by 12 to get the nutrition info per container. with the 4% beef, mine came out to 488 calories, 12.5 g fat (3.3 saturated), 36 g carbs, 61 g protein. i’m sure these numbers aren’t exact so i would say there is roughly 450-500 calories and +/- 3g or so on the macros.

Thanks man. I did the same thing but I was not sure if it was correct as cooking the beef then straining it can reduce the fat content. Also straining the beans can reduce the carb count you know minutia stuff like that.