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Body Bugg??


Anyone heard of this new device? It's a device you wear on your tricep and it calculates how many calories you have consumed and burned. It's supposed to be 92% accurate. Does anyone here own one? I would like to know if Chris S. and the rest of the T-staff have heard any feed back on this product. The cost is $499.00, so I would hope that it would work. It would be a great tool to have when cutting or losing weight.


They are suppose to be awesome! I have a friend that has one and it seems like an excellent tool! He downloads everything wirelessly from it to his computer. There was also a Thread on here a while back about them, not sure where though, but it was just a few weeks back. Good Luck!


92% accurate.

Wouldn't that mean if you were supposed to consume 4000 calories it could read somewhere between 3680-4347 meaning you would quite often eat too much or eat to little?

I guess it is an interesting idea though - definately fun - and a lot of people would use something like that if it was more accurate.


I can't find it right now, but I think it was Doug Kalman who wrote about these or something similar in his "Alternative Pharmacist" column.

As I recall, it had two different names, one for the medical version and one for the "civilian." I don't think Body Bugg was one of them though.

Scanning Doug's old column in our archives should bring it up. There were pics too I think.


Yeah, I believe I commented about this in the previous thread.

An accuracy rate of 92% isn't all that impressive. I might be more intrigued if it were 98% accurate.