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Body Beast DVD Program?

Hi everyone
I have been lurking on this website for years and only joined the forum a few days back.
Well my question is, because I train in my own home and not in a gym. Oh I have trained in gyms for years, years ago I even worked in one.
Right onto my question, has anybody on here used or heard about the Body Beast training program. Now the program is for 90 days but I believe that all the pictures and videos are from people who have used it for longer than that.
So any info about this will help me in the near future.
Thanks again.


I think any program that gives you better information than you currently have can be worthwhile. There is however always a certain amount of hype, and dare I say exaggeration to sell a product. I looked up the program you’re referring to, and saw it was part of the “Beachbody “line of coaching. That’s not exactly something I put too much faith in, but perhaps I’m biased.

Maybe the program relies on actual approaches that successful trainers and bodybuilders have been using for years, or perhaps it’s like the old cybergenics “quick shred” program, which was basically a plan to put polish on whatever you’ve already got (no one is getting completely shredded in two weeks unless they’re already starting at 5% body fat-lol) but use a photo of a stage ready bodybuilder on the packaging.

I didn’t look at the price, because I was being bombarded with ridiculous quotes, like “lose 9 pounds in 14 days” (which would basically indicate a loss of water weight, and fiberous bulk from your intestines after a good laxative-lol)

I’m sure it cost a heck of a lot more than any decent $.99 E-book you could download from a reputable trainer‘s social media page.


Hey, The Mighty Stu
Many thanks for the reply.
I also think there is a bit of to much hype, such as some saying they gained 10lbs or more in 90 days.
I always say that these may have happened but it took longer than the proposed 90 days as they say.
Also I agree with you that there is far to much hype and advertising as you go on the site before you actually find what your looking for.
I have seen that compliant on the dvds they sell, being full of hype advertising.
As for the DVD, I would never sign up for the on demand thing they have as a few people have said it doesn’t work properly, so I am old school and would rather have the DVD.
I can actually pick it up for 10 pounds, yes I am in the U.K. lol.
Anyway thanks for looking and taking the time to reply.
Yours in health and strength.


The program sounds familiar. My opinion on the matter is that damn near anything will work provided it’s not completely stupid and you put forth the passion and dedication necessary to work hard.

Please don’t buy into the “gained 10lbs of muscle in 90 days” marketing gimmicks. That type of stuff pisses me off because it tries to sound as if there is a “quick fix” for hard training.

I personally would stay away from it as I don’t think it wise to pay money when there are free programs on this very site that are likely superior.

Honestly though, it’s best to decide for yourself.

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If I remember correctly it is association with p90x stuff correct.? I remember once a guy commented he knew one of the guys in one of the Ads at the time. The guy in the ad was a former national level bodybuilder who had let himself go slightly . Jumped on p90x and got featured on the add.

Yeah your assessment does have some merit.

Hey Bulldog9899
Yes it is from the same people that brought you P90x, of course most of the claims are hypes on the companies part such as gaining 10lbs or more in 90 days.
I would not be surprised if some had to get out of shape on purpose and then train and diet hard to show off how effective the workouts are.



Hey Tim Cappello
Of course it’s all hype with the get ‘so, so’ results in a certain amount of time, no matter who wrote it or made a program for a certain amount of time, the results have never worked for me.
Thanks again for the reply.


I leaned out decently doing the “PiYo” beachbody program once (sounds easy, was quite hard with the long isometric holds). I haven’t tried their muscle building style programming though.

Somehow I got grandfathered into their on-demand service (wife wanted it). Paid for one year and got a seemingly lifetime membership. I mostly use the yoga routines for stretching/rest days now.

Hi cyclonengineer
I do believe that every workout has some merit and as long as it gets people training then I think it has merit.
However I don’t like the hype that surrounds the beachbody company.
Thanks again for the reply.


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I’ve done it before. It was pretty good from what I recall. I was in a “less motivated phase” at that time and I don’t think I got everything out of it that I could have. The workouts are pretty easy to follow along with but the problem was changing the weights on my barbells and dumbbells constantly and the time that Took didn’t quite match up with their time. I think it’s a good program if you have the equipment and setup for it.

Hi Davemccright
Firstly thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
I have five barbell bars and eight pairs of Mr dumbbell bars.
I have read quite a few reviews about the workout and have recently seen the dvds on sale online for around ten pounds, so I can sed me purchasing the program when I get my pay at the end of the week, I have wasted more on a takeaway lol.
Thanks again.


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Hey Keith10

I hope that whether you decide to do the Body Beast program or not, that you stick with physical culture in general as it has a myriad of benefits. As I’ve said, anything really will work provided that you stick with it with feverish enthusiasm. I hope to hear about how you are progressing in your training whatever it is you decide to do.

My girlfriend followed a Beach Body routine for awhile. At first I thought it was silly but it turned out to be pretty sophisticated.

It had a three phase structure with Isometrics and eccentric focused lifting in the beginning phase just like I did in a Christian Thibadeau program. And drop sets in the hypertrophy phase, just like I did when I followed a Josh Bryant mass routine. Then the lean up phase had circuit training and jumping like Dr Fred Hatfield said to do.

The program was pretty straightforward, an initial week to “break in” the training style for that phase, then 3 weeks on basic linear progression. After that a new format/focus with basic linear progression on that format or workout. Then a 3rd “block” with a new focus to finish off. So it’s simple, but you’re on track, following a proven structure, using varied methods, doing more work every workout, for 90 days. Even if it’s not the “best” program 90 days going straight forward with no wheel-spinning adds up.

Her results were pretty good, and the shape of her thighs changed (improved) pretty quickly. I was so impressed I started doing curtsey lunges.

I’ve noticed guys here making progress following, focused, periodized plans with short blocks and different focuses and workloads so it was cool to see my girlfriend go through the process, like a guinea pig.

Anyway, I was impressed by Beach Body and if you’re interested in Body Beast I would give it a try.

Hi Tim Cappello

Once again thanks for taking the time.

I will stick to training as I have done some sort of training most of life, lol.
I can see me buying the body beast DVD just to give it a go and see what it’s like.
I also fancy doing something different with my training.
Once again, thanks for answering my question.


Hi FlatsFarmer
It sounds as if the program worked great for your girlfriend.
I will be purchasing the DVD and give it my all, hopefully lol.
It’s been great to hear what others have had to say about this workout.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.


Awesome! That should be a good set up. I think at 10 pounds it would certainly be worth it. You should run a log on it and share your experiences!

Do you have to buy the DVDs, or is the Body Beast program on the Beach Body App? When my gf used the app she could load up all the videos coaching each workout and print out all the materials, for every Beach Body program. Like 100 routines from many different coaches. It might be a better value than the DVDs.

I will definitely be getting them and I will enjoy giving an update on my progress with the program.
Thanks again for the reply.


I am only interested in the body beast and the P90x & the P90x2 workouts.
So I think in the long run it would be better for me to buy the dvds.
Now if someone is interested in a whole lot of different workouts such as strength, hypertrophy, cardio, etc. Then it would be a good idea for someone to buy the on demand.
Thanks for the reply.


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Hi Everyone

Just a quick update: I have ordered the Body Beast dvd, the P90x DVD and the P90x2 dvd.

They should be great to train from and should be with me by the end of the week.

All in fitness and health.


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