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Body Alignment Issue, Help?

Hey guys my names Evan, long time fan of t-nation and an avid powerlifter. I’m 24 and I’ve been lifting seriously for 7 years. This might be kind of long because I want you guys to have as much info as possible to help me out. Basically for a year now I’ve had some type of alignment issue that’s getting progressively worse. When I bench my left hand always has to be in closer to the center of the bar for it to feel normal, it basically moves in on its own.

When I look in the mirror I can see that my left deltoid in considerably higher than my right. This is causing my left trap to be more tense so now when I unrack the bar for squats I can feel it sitting much more on my left trap than my right, causing my squat to be messed up. Its affecting every single exercise.

If I try to do pull-ups or pulldowns, I can tell my different sides of my body are not moving in sync. I’m starting to believe its a back issue because even doing leg press my legs are moving in completely different ways and I have to constantly adjust my feet and it still doesn’t feel right. Any help would be much appreciated and ill keep up on this if you guys need any more info

Sounds like you have some shoulder impingement going on in your left shoulder. I think some good rehab with strengthening and myofascial release in other areas would bring your scapula into better alignment.