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Body Adapts to Weight Gain

I’m not a big guy compared to a lot of you, 6’, 205, bodyfat about 15% I’d guess, but growing up I was always pretty thin, about 150 my junior year of high school. Six years of lifting and eating later, I’m a bit over 200. About 20 or 30 of that probably came from natural growth, but the rest was weights and food. Here’s the thing: until the last six months or so, I noticed that it took concerted effort for me to keep the pounds on. If I slacked off for long on five meals a day, or let the calories drop, or stayed away from the weights for more than a week (which is rare) I found myself back under 200 and dropping. Recently though, I’ve noticed that my body seems to have adapted to carrying the extra muscle. I was on a two week vacation in Poland, and then spent three weeks back home in the U.S., but much of that was travelling too. During that time I was still lifting and eating right, but I took a week off, and getting in five meals a day was a struggle, I’m sure my daily protein intake was closer to 150 grams a day than my normal 250+. Nonetheless, I step on the scale and my weight has actually gone up a pound or two, and it looks like muscle gain or at least retention, not getting any fatter. Seems like for the first time my body’s become used to carrying around 20 or so pounds more than it “normally” might do. Anyone else have an experience like this?