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Body 'Adapting' to Anabolic Diet?

I have been on the Anabolic Diet for my longest stretch (7 months). I was fairly lean (8-9%) for most of that time with visible abs. Recently, I have really smoothed out. Abs disappeared and there was NO change in diet.

It’s like the fat burning just shut off. I read an opinion once on this diet that the body could “adapt” to this diet in a starvation-like response, but I thought once in a ketogenic mode, that the body had to burn fat. Any help???

[quote]pikehunter wrote:
but I thought once in a ketogenic mode, that the body had to burn fat. Any help?[/quote]

If you’re eating a caloric surplus, your body doesn’t have to burn anything. I recently ran into a wall with cutting on a low-carb diet, and taking two weeks off for a refeed/carb-up worked wonders when I got back to low-carb. That could be something worth trying for you.

I understand what you’re saying, but this happened over just 5-6 days. I was lean and then I smoothed out substantially. It was weird. Like I wasn’t in ketosis anymore. I will try lowering cals for a week or so, to where I know i’m in a deficit and see if that works. thanks for the help.

There is no way you can accumulate so much fat in 5-6 days, so clearly the gain is linked to water retention. Examine what you have been eating recently. Look out for soy protein, as well as alcohol sugars found in some drinks, bars purporting to be ‘low-carb’.

You also need to be honest and evaluate whether you were as lean as you thought you were and have perhaps let things slip over recent weeks, etc.

I think you’re right in that it was water retention, but it was just so sudden. I had visible abs and they were gone in less than a week. I didn’t add anything but some beef jerky every other day. The package indicated only 8g carbs in the whole pack which still had me at 30g carbs for the day, so I should have been ok. Weird.

The high sodium content in the beef jerky will cause water retention. How much were you eating every other day? I wouldn’t think it would be solely that, but little things do add up.