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Body Acne??

Hey, T-men, I have a couple of questions in regards to Acne on the body. I had pretty day acne on my chest and back during the summer, I was partyin pretty hard, drinkin probably four times a week. I came back to school and it went almost compleatly away, (was driniking only once a week during the winter) during the winter. Now it is hot again and I have been drinkin a fair amount, my question is do you think the acne is related to the alcohol, or the sweating?..and BTW I used Androsol over the winter and my skin never looked better!!..has anyone had sucess with Bill’s method of spraying the Salyctic (spelling?)acid from and Andro bottle…Thanks T-men

Hey Will - well I had a problem with acne (just the regular teenage kind that passed over into adulthood (no Vitamin T), and the doc told me it was due to a slight sex hormone imbalance… at first he said it could be fixed if he put me on the pill!!! (Which means estrogen/progesterone tabs…) I shit you not!!! Anyway, after I cursed him and his lousy cornflakes-packet doctors licence, he just gave me some other antibiotic stuff… anyway, he also said that the hormonal imbalance caused a perfect environment for bacteria in the skin, leading to acne. I also remember reading in a way old issue of MM that fat intake can have an influence on T levels, which I guess can alter the hormone balance and therefore cause acne.

Perhaps you can link this to drinking alcohol, I dunno, I can’t really see a link. Maybe it’s everything you eat while you drink. Just thought this may be of some interest and help you. Cheers bud.

Will, Bill R. is right on the money here. The problem I always had was that I could never reach the center of my back to clean it. Another thing that helped me was applying it to the body parts that were prone to breaking out before and after sweaty workouts. Getting a shower immediately after a workout helps tremendously.

2% salicylic acid in an Androsol bottle works great. Just be aware that salicylic acid can irritate your throat and lungs. I have to cover my mouth and nose when I apply it.

Well, yes alcohol will cause you to break out. Alcohol will raise your cortisol levels, cortisol is known for causing acne.
1 thing I would recommend you do is go on Vitamin B5 aka Pantothenic Acid. Start at about 3 grams a day, and raise it up to 6. This will keep your skin dry and from becoming oily. You will get an initial breakout at first, but that will go away eventually.

you ain’t gonna believe this one but my worst flare ups- shoulders and back . .come when I start letting too much sweetner in the diet. It’s obviously not the only cause BUT it’s like clock work when I let my love of diet pop indulge. Also seems to cause some athlete’s foot ? . .Guess it’s just the body trying to push the metabolites or residue out . .at least so sayeth every naturopathic script :wink:

Hope I help
Mike D

Hey will wjat protocol did you use…Noxema Astingent in an Andro bottle??