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body Acne

I recently started getting acne on my upper arms and back pretty Bad. I have always had it here and there but I cant even wear a tank to the gym anymore. I started taking Myostat last month and started taking BPX which is kind of an andro. No steroids though…What can I do

i know how u feel man i can not wear a tank top either as i get bad acne especially on my shoulders and upper back,but i have a spotless face?.mine has cleared up recently,try tea tree oil that works well,DONT use soap that will make it worse,use a good exfoliate for soap then when u get out of shower use tea tree oil :slight_smile: hope this helps

just because people don’t call andro a steroid does not mean that it isn’t or that it does not have the side affects of some of the conventional steroids. as far as the acne goes, i’m 26 and i still get acne on my shoulders and back. just make sure to clean well and try not to irritate the area like i do, because then it makes them more visible. laters pk

What’s in the BPX? Kind of an andro? Get rid of it, no doubt it’s aggrevating your condition.