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Bodweight with Back?

Hey guys,
Due to certain circumstances involving travelling, I won’t be able to hit up the gym for a while. But as I want to stick to some sort of regularity, I’ve come up with something of a routine to minimize losses.
I will have no weights whatsoever, so I will be forced to use my bodyweight for everything. I’ll be in a hotel room, so I won’t have a pullup bar. Does anyone know any good excercises for the back, with these limitations???

What about Pull/Chin-Ups on a door? or rows using your bag with some sort of weight in it? or you can open a door, sit on floor facing the edge of open door and wrap a towel around the handles and pull yourself towards the door…not sure if those work well but remember seeign them somewhere before.

If it has arms you can use a chair, (most hotel rooms at least have a chair, I hope yours does) to do dips kind of, and tricep presses kind of. You can also military press the chair or table. If the room has a counter in it you can lean off the counter and do a type of back extension.

i’ve done body weight rows by moving the desk into the walkway area, lying face up underneath the desk where the chair should be, and, with a stiff body, rowing or pulling my body up to the the desk. increase difficulty by elevating feet.