Bobsledder and 19-Nor

Heya T-freques. The US Bobsledder who tested positive for 19-Nor, was he claiming that his MRP was tainted or something to that effect? My mother reiterated the story to me and said something to this effect, of course she also beleives that protein powders are going to explode my kidneys…ANYhow, anybody know the actual details of the story or what products are involved? Thanks.

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I’d bet beans against baseball bats that the “MRP” that was tainted fell into one of these categories: Class I or Class II. :slight_smile:

The problematics of nandrolone testing or better the limits imposed by the IOC are going on for years now. Some studies (e.g. one conducted by the FIFA on soccer players) seem to show that exercise and stress can naturally produce levels that are above the IOC limits. Further cross-contamination of only traces of 19-nor prohormones in supplements can result in positive tests on nandrolone. If you do a web search on that subject you will find lots of sites discussing this problem. So in the end some athletes get banned others go to court and get re-established. Bill Roberts probably knows more about all this. And I don’t know if the manufacturer of that particular mrp has been disclosed, but basically any manufacturer carrying a prohormone could have this problem (In a reader mail a while ago biotest claims it doesn’t happen to them since they use different units for all their different products - maybe you can find it - it was about protein from norwegian cows :).