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Bob's Log



Here we are - Week 1.

Got the diet (Atkins), taking the supplements, and got my weekly workout routine ready to start in full today.

My starting stats are:

May 30, 2011: 365lbs
June 27, 2011: 348lbs (pic above)

Will follow up this Friday with the first week's lifting results and general comments.


Welcome Bob,

Good luck with the plan. I'll be reading along.


Cool Bob good luck man we all are pulling for you.


good luck Bob


Ill be here too :slight_smile: hey BOB welcome


We're all rooting for you, Bob. Can't wait to see what the "after" pic looks like!


good luck Bob.


Welcome Bob! We're pulling for you.


Welcome to the compound Bob.

Not going to say good luck because luck isn't going to have anything to do with it.

But plenty of people here have done what you're going to do so give it hell.


First Day Woes:

Ok, the first day was mixed. Started off GREAT! Was feeling good - really psyched!

I had a great workout, but I tired out too quick. I was able to make it through 3 of the 5 sets and I hit rock bottom (shaking, weak, and just tuckered out).

I believe my mistake was trying to lift too much in the first 2 sets so that by the third set of 5 each I was exhausted. I did only 20 minutes of my 30 minute cardio (again, sweating like a pig and rubbery tired).

I could use some advice on recovery as my triceps and chest feel like someone spent the night stabbing me with corn-on-the-cob holders...

Bottom line, it was not the workout I intended but I ended up very well worked out and sore today - which makes me happy, just not on track where I had hoped. But, it is only day 1.


You're doing fine, Bob, that sounds normal. Just stay with it, the conditioning will come.

also be very careful that depression doesn't sneak up and hit you. Day one "This is GREAT! My program for life!! I can't wait!!" Day two "Oh, God, I don't look like Tom Cruise yet, it's hopeless . . . "

As for the tris and chest, did you do bench press or something similar? Do the muscles hurt when you tense them, but not when they're relaxed? If so, you've got DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It's very common when you haven't exercised muscles and then put stress on them. It's harmless and will go away in a day or two. Just don't tense arms & chest if you don't need to. As you get more conditioned, DOMS will become less of a problem.


Bob this is why I was advising taking it slow and steady. Cause recovery is key for gains and for weight loss, an injury will set you back. I do not know your work schedule or anything but maybe doing every other day or dropping down to 4 days a week, M,T,T,F schedule. Because you want to be doing this in 3 months time.


If you can walk out of the gym knowing you HONESTLY gave it everything you had that day then you've done great. It's the first day, everything will get easier, not tomorrow maybe not even next month but it will. Keep pushing to do better everyday.

Be sure to keep this log up, it's surprising what a little support for some E friends will do. There are a few of us who have been where you are and we're more than willing to help you along.


Good Luck Bob, Ill be following.

I believe what DJ has said is spot on, rest and recovery is what makes you better IN the gym.


I agree with Cav, the conditioning will come, don't fret, your work capacity will improve real quick.

Starting out volume is more important than intensity IMO, so pace yourself and just get the work done.

Hope you're happier with Day 2.


Hey Bob, glad to see you started a log and DJ has thrown some nuggets of golden wisdom out already. RECOVERY.

Getting back into exercise of any kind is tough and being constantly sore is not going to encourage you to get back into the gym. You want consistency so start slow and steady and make sure you recover and eventually your "output" will increase.

We don't get out of shape in a few weeks and we certainly don't get back into shape in a few weeks.

Remember, "you want to be doing this in 3 months time".


How was day two?


Day two woes:

Different aspects of my work out today:

1) I did no lifting today as my arms were just shot. Yep, I overdid it - my triceps were cramping and 'chalie horsing' all day and night on me (first time for me on that). Looking back it may not have been a good idea to start with 100lbs on cable extensions and 35 for DB extension... So I did nothing to use my arms on Wednesday. Just did my 30 minutes cardio and called it a day. Today the chest feels great and the tri's still hurt a little bit, but it is back to normal pain levels expected with working out. I'll be back to it today.

2) The depression tried to get me - I was feeling good about myself and happy that I still did 'something' although hurting and then I walked in front a glass window and saw my reflection and what I saw did not reflect how I was feeling and that hit me hard. Had a few minutes of a personal pity party (thoughts of ice cream, candy, cake, pizza, etc... running thick through my head) but then I got pissed at myself and said a few choice things to my inner child and successfully bitch slapped him back into a corner. I stuck to my diet and survived that small breakdown.

3) I'm going to start much lower in the weights (even maybe doing easy first few sets of weight then going up for set 4 and 5 as I find where I should be now). No worries, I'm still dedicated to this - it is just not that easy changing 20 years of shitty habits.


^ Great adjustment and you will have more. Keep up the hard work and grind it out. Have a great 4th.


Good going, Bob!

I warned you about how depression will sneak up on you, cause the same thing's happened to me. You did the right thing, concentrate on your plan.

Just take a deep breath, one day at a time.