Bob's Closing in on 40 Training Log

I’ve been back at it for ~2 years now. My training plan seems to be working, so I figured I’d share my progress if it’s helpful for anyone else.

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congrats on your progress.

what worked for you?

Tuesday’s (1/24/23) Leg Workout:

Leg Press: 4x25 @ 180+Sled

Primary Lift: Squat
1x8 @ 275
1x6 @ 295
3x5 @ 315

Accessory Work:
Front Squats: 3x8 @ 185
Seated Leg Curls: 4 | 20/18/16/16 @ 75
Leg Extensions: 4 | 18/16/14/12 @ 85
Hip Abduction: 4x25 @ 275

2 Prowler Pushes (25 yards): @ 300

Still recovering from being sick… Stamina is not back to 100% yet.
Squats at 315 felt “jerky” on the eccentric portion.

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I’ve been using a 3 day split with 1 rest day per week. I used the same routine for about 1.5 years until progress started to plateau, so I began switching things up a bit around August, but the split has remained the same. I’ll start posting my workouts daily. Just added yesterday’s. Hitting shoulders today.

Mon: Chest & Back
Tue: Legs
Wed: Shoulders & Arms
Thurs: Chest & Back
Fri: Legs
Sat: Shoulders & Arms
Sun: Rest

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I’ve admittedly been terrible about logging my workouts here, but here’s a progress photo. I’ll try to be more consistent logging workouts.


Well done. Congrats.

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