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Bobby V Comes to Boston


I'm literally dancing around my computer naked right now screaming and cheering.

S my D Yankees fans, its gonna be a long few years for you now...


At first I was like

Bobby valentino?


MY EYES, the burning vision in my mind


Please. After last season's collapse I deserve a little naked dancin.


I stay out of the baseball thread, cause I have enough vices as it is.

Would you rather lose and miss playoffs or lose in the final?


YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S GO SOX!!!!!! I wanted them to get Bobby Valentine so bad!


I'd rather lose in the final. Missing the playoffs sucks ass. And Bobby V brought the mets there with Al Leiter as their #1 pitcher... he can do it in Boston.


^ X2


Oh Shit...


Bah. I was helicoptering too after the Pirates start last season, and look where that got me.

Here's to 20 straight and lots of clothed absence of moving.

Good luck with getting right again.


Like I said, the Red Sox are going to blow for the foreseeable future. You'd rather have Bobby Valentine, than Francona? Good luck with that shit. I give him a year, they will kick his ass square out of Boston.
This is why you don't fucking freak out and fire everybody in sight because you had one bad month.


I would rather have Francona but once Francona was gone I wanted them to hire Valentine over Sveum or whoever else they were considering.


Oh c'mon. The Red Sox are not the Pirates.

Not by a long shot.

The Red Sox actually field a team.


Bobby V is Bobby Vinton. You young guys and your made up stuff .. Sheesh.


If it was only a month then you'd have a point ... unfortunately the Sox haven't made the playoffs (or past the first round) in 3 years ... it's time for a change