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Bobby Lashley's Debut


41 seconds is all it took. I didn't get to watch the fight, but I can't imagine that this was anything other than impressive. What do you guys consider his chances for joing the UFC in about a year?



I don't consider a longtime professional athlete's domination of a can to be impressive.

Edit: 'Can' is a bit strong. Franklin may end up being very talented but most likely he was hugely/unfairly outmatched in this fight. But I'm not sure, I couldn't find any info about him.


Video of fight:


well look who lesner fought his first fight, a guy with a record of 3-6 on sherdog. next fight he is in the ufc, against frank mir. i say he gets fasttracked there, seeing how week the heavyweight division is in the UFC. will his next fight be there? probably not, but who knows


shame though. looking up lashley served in the armed forces, and it would have been perfect to let him have his UFC debut at Fight Night 16, too bad American Fight League had not given him any fights till that time.

They could have given him christian wellisch, given the guy one last fight before they cut him or maybe even cain velasquez if are going to cut him from the roster. i could have even seen him fighting instead of justin mccully, seeing how tito is not exactly best buds with the ufc, and mccullly comes from titos camp and all


I hate how they get fast tracked without paying their due's but Brock has proven to be able to hold his own, regardless of my opinion (which means nothing anyway).

But these are guys who would have pursued fighting if there was any money in it anyway...

Like Brock said if he could have he would have just went right to fighting but who's gonna turn down several million dollar contracts versus... pretty much nothing except hospital bills.

Even now, I don't know why anyone (myself included) would want to fight. You don't make fuck-all comparatively unless you're top 3 in your weight class.


Actually Brock said in Muscle & Fitness that he purposely waited to begin MMA. He said there was no money in it in the past so why would he want to be broken and beaten up by the time when he could make some really money doing it. Not sure exactly what month, but it was the one with him on the cover.

Not trying to argue, just funny that he would say 2 completely different things.


He's obviously very strong and athletic. I wouldn't say the fight was long enough to take anything from though. Was it a cut stoppage??? I couldn't tell in the vid.


It was something other than impressive


There's a ton more money in MMA than in REAL wrestling, which is where a lot of (Lindland, Couture, Trigg, Hendo, Rosholt, Hendricks, Velasquez, Bader, Koschek, etc. etc. etc.) come from. Randy is a star, but was making 20 000 coaching wrestling @ Oregon St. and hopefully trying to make the olympic team. That is of course the side of MMA I think no one talks about: if you don't make the olympic team, you're just a guy who came 2nd at olympic trials. Hopefully you get a decent coaching job, and move on with your life. If you lose in a title fight in the UFC you are....Jon Fitch, Joe Stevenson, Kenny Florian, Dan Henderson, Babalu, Marquardt (trying to think of guys who had a shot, lost, and never held the title). Not only do people know who you are, and hopefully you can re-work your way up the ranks to get a shot again (or I guess re-invent yourself i.e Franklin @ 205), but you are still getting paid good money to fight (even 15 000 to just show 3x a year is ok), bonuses to win (that could make it 30 000 x 3 a year), bonuses for submission/fight of the night/ko, etc., sponsorships, teach classes, seminars, open your own gym, etc. I'm not saying it's a way to get rich, nor is it good money compared to Roy Jones/De La Hoya etc. or MLB or NFL, but its far better than high school/college wrestling coach, which is what the Lesnars and Lashleys of the world are looking at after they finish their college career (while they train for the olympics, which they hopefully are able to make).


Didn't say anything different... pretty much identical imo... The major point is that he didn't go into MMA because there was no money in it. If there WAS money in it he would have fought rather then went to pro wrestling. Think you misunderstood me.


I hear you bro,

But the "lesnar's" and "lashley's" were pro wrestlers making millions of dollars a year. They had/have options. My point is that if you have the potential to be one of those guys, or become a DLH, Mayweather, etc, or pursue another sport where you ARE making multimillion dollar contracts

why the fuck would you take the chance at fighting mma?

Lesnar and Lashley are pursuing MMA because they DON"T need money (anymore).

There's a handful of guys actually cracking the million a year mark to fight MMA.

So for the guys who are at least in contender status if they're BUSTING ASS...that means promoting for sponsors, training full time, fighting 4-5x a year, WINNING, getting BONUSES, teaching at their own school (essentially running a small business), seminars, etc

They'll make MAYBE 300k a year? and that's really fucking pushing it. It's really more like barely 150k-200k, but lets say they're A+'ing everything, they STILL won't crack a million. While one of the big names does that in ONE (maybe 2) fight(s)?

It's SERIOUSLY not worth it if you're doing it for money because how many guys actually do reach that kind of contender status? As you noted, it's few and far between. There's a lot of guys who get filtered out and don't even get in the UFC.

It's better money than 30k a year as a wrestling coach, in theory. except that you don't have to pay your coach, training fees, camp fees, sparring partners, and your manager.

It's pretty fucking badass if you can make it to the big time but otherwise. 5k a fight, 3x a year if you're LUCKY with the huge depth chart they have isn't shit. And don't lose, you'll get cut QUICK.

Still, you're right about one thing, much better deal than real wrestling.


I got you Zen, I thought you were saying he would've gone into it even if he wasn't making money at it. You're right though, you can't fault the guy for using what he's got to make some dough. I'm sure Lashley is similar, but no one can argue with Brock's freaky athletic ability and the longer he's in it the better he's going to get. We'll have to see if Lashley can keep it up.


Both obvious genetic specimens (Brock probably more so) with solid wrestling credentials...


Lashley attended Missouri Valley College, where he won three national amateur wrestling championships between 1996 and 1998 and placed fourth in 1995. Throughout 1997 and 1998, he was the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) National Wrestling Champion.[2] Lashley later joined the United States Army, where he continued to wrestle.[1][3]


Will be interesting to see what happens.


lol, yes you're right on that. I had heard about the stoppage in 41 seconds. I didn't hear about stoppage from cut.(which sucks) He did have a nice take down... :S


haha sorry, just giving you a hard time...not bad for a first fight, but hard to tell where he's at from that one.


can't wait to see lashley fight a more experienced fighter



here's another video of the fight.


question, how does Lesner's wrestling career and Lashley's compare? which one was the bigger college wrestling stud?