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Bobby Lashley, What Do You Think?


He seems like a guy who could make some pretty big news in the future , but im not a MMA expert I rarely watch so dont flame me. I'm just wondering what do you guys think about him , his fighting style and where he might be going.

Lashley a three-time National Amateur Wrestling Champion, four-time All-American, a two-time Armed Forces Champion and a 2002 Silver Medalist at the Military World Championship

Hes Big and Very explosive.

Hes had 4 mma fights so far and is undefeated

He fought 3 smaller oppenents in his first 3 fights and won and people complained about him being to big and just overpowering his opponents until he faught Bob Sapp Who was a bigger opponent.

I'm sure alot of you are going to say how bad of a fighter bob sapp is but Lashley took control of his power and size pretty well and ended up 1st round KO

He was in WWE but I dont think that should be a factor on deciding his mma career.


Guy is a monster..I really wanna see what he can do in the next couple years if he keeps at it. Of course he is improving with every fight and training session.
I'm sure he'll get signed to UFC eventually..and him vs. Brock...oh boy that would be interesting...seem they got the same style. (wrestling in highschool background etc.) likes to take fight on ground and GNP.


I'm notorious for not liking the "monster" heavy weights. Just not my think, I'm more appreciative of the guys who have to work hard on everything for their wins. Guys like Fitch, GSP, and Henderson.

Where he's going? Could be somewhere, could be that he's already there. I don't think White is looking to market another giant, and I don't see what lashley could bring to the UFC that Brock hasn't. So until he beats some real opponents I don't see him getting signed with the UFC.

Also, yes he's huge, but you can see in his striking that his size in his arms is hurting his stand-up. Don't know if he juices, lifts like a BB, or is just naturally that way. But I think he could use a little less muscle on those arms of his. But then again that's probably half the reason he has fans, because he looks tough.


His style is usually a take down from standing and than he ground and pounds with a impressive speed... He trains like an animal doing more than just weight training.. altitude training being just one of many.


So where is the magical weight cut off that tells us a guy is working hard? I sure Lashley is a real slouch in the gym. He looks like he is terrible shape.

If he beats someone good, I am sure they will go after him. I think they are going to be under some pressure to carve out a superheavy division sooner or later and they need a ton more big guys to do that.

Probably true. I think it's going to be hard for him to carry that kind of muscle while training MMA and conditioning hard. If his diet is on point he may be able to. Brock seems to be losing a bit of gym muscle but what I've seen of his diet, it leaves a bit to be desired.