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Bobby Lashley vs. Jason Guida VIDEO




Lashley needs a whole lot of work.

Thanks for the vid


Agreed. He was terrible.


Agree with the above

bu the fake right into double leg take down was nice


I'm lost, no body in this forum saw the Brock vs heath fight?

same thing. Except Brock got the benefit of much better refing.

I think Bobby if he joins a good camp, he can come along. Im just surprised he shot in so high!


Just another HUGE guy.


Also I'm pretty sure he's still on roids.


Umm...he trains with American Top Team. He just needs more work....AND he's not Brock.


Yeah, Lashley is just starting out, so of course he needs a lot of work. Hell, even Lesnar still needs a lot of work. I can say, however, it's good that Lashley is starting out like a rookie, instead of jumping immediately into the big league. It will probably make a huge difference. Just my thoughts.