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Bobby Knight

Any comments on exactly who this very complex man really is? Is he really some control freak and tyrant? I’m not so quick to believe this, because of what history seems to say about people who are continually villified and misunderstood (George Patton comes to mind when I think of Bobby Knight). How do you think history will view him?

I read the Playboy interview with him. At the point he jumped into the front seat and started screaming at the interviewer, the whole time trying to wrest the wheel from him, I decided that although he is probably a great coach, he’s a very flawed (at best) human being. Patton was no angel either, but the stakes were much higher in his case; Bobby Knight isn’t involved in a life or death situation when his boys take to the court. I want my warriors to act accordingly, and if that means a little tyranny then so be it. But a coach is not a warrior, and shouldn’t be able to get away with Patton-esque behavior.

hes got a new book comming out and i heard him in an interview promting it on wfan(sports radio station in ny). it sounded like an intresting book but its really about his coaching style and earlier years i think…then his troubles later on in life