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Bobbi's Got a Brand New Bag


Thanks Brute. That reminds me. Anyone feel free to give me crap about my lifts. I know this is a positive board in general but I run on competition and appreciate some shit talking. haha It gets me fired up far more than a blind pat on the back.


HAHAHAH! Well if you must know, lil Mascherano is clocking more pullups than you...just sayin'

FFS you're a beast Bobbi! Like you need us to remind you...


haha bastard! How many are you getting these days?


LoL! I'm repping 25-30 on all the pullup variations and my maxes are now:

Chins: 8
Pronated and Neutral: 5

What, what?!

but you know i work these hard b/c i want "10 in 2010".

btw, we should re-match the Texas Pushup challenge! eh?


haha alright I'm shooting for your maxes today! I forgot the texas pushup challenge, is that the 1 stand up 2 stand up 3 stand up all the way to 10 for time?


ps I just walked over to my pullup bar and did 8 chins. haha


Welcome back. And good work on the chins.


ugh! why do i even bother?

balls hand in fist I'll get you next time Bobbi...

and yes, that is the Tx challenge.


Thanks Cal. Masch what time to you have for it now?


Now. Are those full stretch chins? I'm the competitive type too. I'm up to almost five and am only four months post shoulder surgery. I just put a vid of my chins on my log in the morgue section (Over 35). I should hit ten before year's end.

Damn. Just realized that you're only 23. You youngsters.


kpsnap - yea they're full lockout chins, I only count clean reps. What kind of shoulder surgery?


Just saw them on your log - veery, veery nice.

And yes, only counting "clean reps" - i mean, what's the alternative? If you don't lockout, its not a proper pullup, no?

Bobbi, I haven't done the Tx challenge since the last time and you smoked my ass by a minute. LoL!


Masch I never do pushups, I'm sure if you do them you'd beat me :wink:

Upper 2

BB complex warm up, Jiu Jitsu warmup, rolls and stretching

Incline bench 5x45/65/85/95
Pullups (rope) 3/3 (OH) 3/3
DB bench 6x25/12x35
Rope pulling (assist at 110) Level 7 (highest resistance) x 5 LOVE this contraption
Med ball side throw from knees 2x15-9lb ball
Heavy bag OHP 2x12
EZ curl 2x6-45 WEAK
Wrist roller 10lb x 3 times

20 minutes slip bag and speed bag work, stretching


chinup party! most i can brag about is five full ones..JEALOUSY!!


Its obviously time for me to train chins again.


Tore my posterior rotator cuff. Five anchors to piece back together. Plus subacromial decompression procedure to tidy up the area. Surgeon did awesome, I'd say.

Kimba: You oughtta be able to rep chinups like nobody's business. No excuses.


Mmm rope pulling sounds fun-how's it work?


Right you are. For the last month, my pullup bar at home was out of commission. Its back now, so GAME ON.

Bobbi, what you are dipping these days? Didya bring the chains to Cali?


Plucky - This is the rope climbing machine http://fitego.stores.yahoo.net/virocl.html
I'm a big fan. I set the resistance at the highest level and do it off my knees to make it harder. You set the assistance like an assist pullup. Typically 20lbs less than your bw. Every time the rope makes a full pass through the system I count it as 1 rep.

Kimba - Yes, brought the dip belt. Haven't used it yet. My shoulders got really tight so I've been doing bw dips trying to stretch them out to a safe point before adding weight. No worries, they're weak sauce. haha

kpsnap - Its good to hear you had a clean surgery. How did you tear it in the first place?


Lower 2

BB complex warm up

Rack pull 5x95/145/195

Reverse lunges 2x6-25 haha

SLDL 2x6-135

Ab/Adduction 12x pin 8

1 leg calf raise 2x15-40

Decline sits 1x30

Finger planks 4x15 sec

Stretching - now on my knees I can sit on my heels! This is a personal accomplishment for the human board.