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Bobbi's Got a Brand New Bag


I'm trying to simplify my life. I love pushing my body to its limits and helping others do the same. I like being here, reading your logs, trading input and being helpful when I can. I'll be jumping around in interests and training styles. That's how I work. Hopefully having a variety of experiences will make me a better athlete and a better coach. It worked for Da Vinci, right? haha

I'm usually short spoken but that doesn't mean I don't like you, I just don't like to waste your or my time rambling. Feel free to ask for a more detailed response if I was unclear.

That's about it for now.


first one to pop my head in bobbi's bag! haha


But it's fun to ramble!

so you all settled in out there?


This is a good day. Bobbi is back.


that's okay, we still like ya :wink:.

I'm in, what's for supper?


Made a few adjustments to LIMEL!GHT and went back to that. Today first day on. My lifts are down, obviously, but I have faith they'll jump back up quickly.

Upper 1

BB warm up complex

BB bench 5x45/65/85
Pullups parallel x 4/3/3/2
DB seated OHP 12x25
BB OH row 12x60
Leg raises (roman chair) 3x10
Med ball pushups 3x4
Alt DB curl 2x6-25
Fist plank


I almost don't want to know...but here goes nuthin'. What's a fist plank?


A plank on your fists


YAY! Bobbies back!!


at first I read a fish plank...


...and I read fish tank


hi there Bobbi


Hey Plucky


haha a woman of few words is right.

What are pullups parallel? Where the fists are facing each other?




Neutral grip.


Mmmmmm cedar plank salmon

p.s. sweet pullups!




yo homey!


Lower 1

BB complex warm up

Goblet sq 5x25/35/45
DB hockey lunges 2x6-20
45 ext 12x25
Ab/adduction 12x pin 7 (these machines are weird)
Seated calves 12x55
Tire flips x 30 (the small tire)
DB shrugs 12x55

Leg ext 3x12-pin 4
45 ext 2x20
Calf raise 2x20-40
Box jumps 2x10

Speed bag work 10 min


word!!! i wondered where you went! :slight_smile: glad you are back!