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Bob Sapp vs Little Japanese Girls


Bob sapp vs little japanese girls...lol



I love Japanese TV.


What the fuck


This ones even funnier, sapp at a zoo..



Thye must be paying the guy some serious money or else he is a rare individual who does not take himself seriously at all and is enjoying every second of his life.

You'd like to think the second.


That dude is getting PAID to be a spectacle over there. I would let people stare at me crazy if it made me a millionaire as well. As tall and as big as he is, I am sure they treat him like they might treat...damn, isn't a bad thing when no pop stars jump into your mind that stand out above all others? Pop culture sucks in America lately.


Yeah, Sapp is getting paid and I am sure that he is getting asian poontang on a daily basis as well.


Don't the two kinda go together?


Limb... huahuahuahaa.... from... huahuahuahaa... limb... huahuahuahaa


Looks like tremendous fun actually.


It's great. The guy gets to make a living having fun. Who wouldn't want to do that. Heck, I may try to put on another 200 lbs of muscle and do the same thing.


There are entire stores in Japan that sell only Bob Sapp merchandise and do crazy business. Being a huge, athletic bastard in Japan pays pretty well! Most of the other top heavyweights in Pride can handle him (Nog and CroCop beat him I think?), but he's a pretty damn good K-1 fighter.


Ahhhh yes, here we have a big guy chasing around a group of small Asian women who scream and run away from him. That?s my favorite game to play as well and good cardio as well :slightly_smiling:

In all seriousness, if he was chasing me around I?d probably do the same thing.


Uh, pacing in front of a cage at the zoo eating a banana? I'm shocked Prof X isn't all over this man. Even as a white man I'm embarassed for him. He's getting paid you say? So let me get this right...there are those of you who'd "put on 200 more lbs of muscle" and make a spectacle and fool of yourself for money?

Too bad money is so important...the man is a fool. Banana, zoo, cage...you gotta be kidding right?

Call me naive, but I suspect you can make money, "get asian poon tang", and still have your dignity intact at the end of the day.


First, I can't view the link from my current location so I have no idea what you are talking about. However, I do know that if the man was that concerned about being "degraded" at all, he probably wouldn't be in Asia right now filling up his bank account. I am also sure that any big black man that gets off the plane over there will be met with much of the same looks and responses that he gets. That isn't exactly new. What is new is him banking off of it. I will say my honest opinion is he is using their own biases and different customs against them if he is making as much as I suspect he is.


That's a promo for a prowrestling match if I'm not mistaken.


Wow. Just fuck the civil rights movement huh...

I can't even say shit, cause I'd do it and that shit IS hella funny.


It seems he would break most of the poon there.


From an interview on GracieMag.com


Time asia wrote:



Prof I have to agree!

In addition to that it's sad what passes for entertainment in general.


from what i hear, poon is pretty resilent stuff

this is just heresay mind you.