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Bob Sapp Is the Man


This guy has killer instinct.



I think this video shows his true side better.

funny damn stuff


I'm surprised he hasnt killed anyone.


That's frightening. Good thing he's normally a really nice guy.


It's mostly a REALLY large man beating guys at least 100lbs lighter than him.


LOL, they don't call him the beast for nothing. He looks like Godzilla amongst all the tiny Japanese folks.


I liked the fight where Cro Cop (who's three inches shorter and a good 75 lbs lighter) kicked him right in the head.

Bob Sapp fell down, and started to cry.


He's not the man. He's a big piece of crap who wins most fights due to size and strength.

He has picked up a lot in the last few years though, but he's not a fighter I enjoy watching.


I'm pretty sure you'd fall down and cry too if someone fractured your skull (orbital) with a strike.


Not Chuck Norris.


True, though it's always amusing to imagine what he'd be like if he had the MMA skills of Shamrock or Bas. Now THAT would scare the shit out of me. Wait, actually, he already does.


Anybody have a video link to that fight? That sounds like fun to watch...


he fucked up ernesto hoost in striking twice, so have all the fun talking shit about him that you want, but getting that strong isnt easy



I think it's funny how the highlite shows Bob beating the crap out of Big Nog but doesn't show Nog armbarring and submitting him after Bob gassed.

Or it doesn't show Ernesto Hoost picking him apart with leg kicks in their second fight before Ernesto made the mistake of trying to go toe to toe with him and got TKO'ed (prematurely and Bob was not able continue in the K-1 grand prix after due to injury).

Bob Sapp is an impressive physical specemin but he's by no means a top tier fighter. He's gotten beaten by pretty much any top tier or second tier MMA or K-1 fighter he's faced(Nog, Fujita, Crocop). Beating Ernesto Hoost twice is his claim to fame.

These highlites can make anyboby seem like some unstopppable uber golemn. Too see the fights in their entirety just go to www.youtube.com and do a search for Bobb Sapp.


He was not crying when he got hit by Crocop, he was wincing in extreme pain. Geez, can't the guy even grimace when he gets his orbital fractured?

I like Bob Sapp, partly because he's a cool guy and secondly because he makes a point: being big matters. Bob Sapp is a horrible fighter, with no skills to speak of. Yet through sheer size he is a force to be reckoned with. Enough of this bullshit abou 150 lb guys who can take on the world. I'll let you in on a little secret too: he didn't get that big from bodyweight exercises.


Anyone...ANYONE would look like they were "crying" if their orbital ridge was fractured. That is a natural human response to eye injury that extreme. I wasn't aware Superman had so many clones on this forum.


A big piece of crap? This is fighting for entertainment, not Humanitarian service in third world countries.


A lot of people criticize Sapp.

They call him a talentless freak show that shouldnt be in mma or in k1.

I personally think that he does quite well for someone with relatively no real formal training or refined skills.

Sure, he cant beat the 5 top ranked mma fighters and most top ranked K1 fighters, but he still beat Hoost twice in K1 when he was at the top of his game!

Not to mention that even if you cant beat the top 5 to 10 ranked fighters, that it still puts you ahead of a whole bunch of fighters that have trained formally for years.

More importantly, his role (with a few other giants) in MMA/K1 is to satisfy viewers curiosity. Most fight fans, usually the skeptical, always question if a skilled fighter can beat a really really really big guy? So far Bob Sapp has been the most successfull really really really big guy brought in by any promotion. So, hats off to him.


Classic example of a man who is doing his own thing and loving it getting nit-picked to death by critics because they can't neatly put him into a catergory or he isn't what they think he should be.

He's a big strong guy who has found his niche in fighting and is working it for all its worth. Could be beat Fedor? Probably not, but neither could 95% of the fighters in the world today. But at $1,000,000 a fight, he probably doesn't care if he couldn't take Fedor.