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BOB Punching Bag?

I don’t know if anyone looks around here anymore but $400 is a lot of money to pop and I’d really appreciate some tips

I’m thinking of getting a bob punching bag for MMA training, I can throw it on the ground etc.

and they say it’s good for grappling as well as kicks. Is this true? Any MMA fighters owning a BOB please share your thoughts


As Irish has said stick with the heavy bag. The further you get away from the good old fashion heavy bag the worse the training effect. The heavy bag has helped build plenty of great fighters from way back in the day even before fighters wore gloves straight through to such great champions like Dempsey and Marciano and beyond. Even the naive who buy into the Bruch Lee myth know that Bruce lee had a special heavy bag made so that it could with stand his super amazing powerful kicks :wink: